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: Fall gardening, with the grocery budget in mind
: greyhoundgirl September 04, 2015, 06:59:35 AM
Is anyone else planting a fall garden?  And in particular with the grocery budget in mind?  This has been in the back of my mind as I plan what to plant, and how much.  So far for this fall, I've planted:


-more Swiss chard (my other plants have produced all summer and are still going (just two of them, but they make a LOT of food for us and the chickens!)


-Sweet potatoes were planted in July, with a couple of sprouted storebought ones added in late July--not expecting a huge crop with the number I have but hopefully a few meals' worth

-Potatoes--dog dug up this area and I'd just about given up hope, but now see about 5 plants coming so far

-fall green beans--not doing well at all--still too hot, I think.  I might try again if I can figure out a good way to cover them


-sugar snaps (more than usual)

-more summer squash and zucchini (hoping they will grow for another crop)

Inside, I have started:

-3 types of lettuce

-2 types of cabbage

-2 types of cauliflower (purple and regular)

-Romanesco broccoli

-Nasturtiums (more for fun and pest control, but I love that they can be used on salads and are edible)



Still hoping and planning to plant:

Brussels sprouts



Bok Choy


More cabbages

More lettuces

More beets

Anyone else?

: Re: Fall gardening, with the grocery budget in mind
: Anne Ofalamo September 04, 2015, 09:55:45 AM
I shall live thru your happy garden. It sounds divine and oh so calming too!