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: He hears when we pray
: Shelly October 09, 2013, 02:00:37 PM
I hadn't been attending my church for 3 years.  I left for various reasons that don't matter right now.  I've worked through them, got my questions answered and have been trying to find my way back.  Many feel that they can be spiritual and this is enough.  I see nothing wrong with that, but for me, I needed to return.  Because of the nature of my religion, I needed to go. 

I have been studying the scriptures on my own for a while now.  I've been feeling urges to read on certain topics and have let myself be led rather than read straight through.  Some of my previous postings in this board section have been from those study sessions I've had.  There have been a few things specifically that have been on my mind the last couple months.  The first is the state of the US and how uncertain the future is for us here.  It's a scary time to live and it feels that things have been changing rapidly over the last year and I've been feeling panicky.  I've been picturing no electricity, stores shut down, looters, and the government going door to door collecting guns, leaving us helpless.  I know that the Lord always provides to those who are faithful, but I was still scared out of my mind. 

Another thing that has been heavy on my heart is that now that I have been attending church meetings again, I'd like to bring my children as well.  Having 21 month old twins makes this difficult when you are by yourself.  Trevor has no interest in anything church related at this time, which is fine, that's where he is in his mind right now, but it makes it difficult for me.  I could leave them home, but I didn't want to.  I want them there.  In real life, I am an extreme introvert.  Extreme!  The thought of asking someone else to help me with the kids twisted my stomach in knots.  During the first hour of church (ours runs 3 hours) the children are with their families.  I know many churches have separate nurseries; ours does not during the first hour.  It is believed that the little children benefit being with the whole family during that time.    It has hurt my heart trying to decide what to do.  I was extremely torn.

The last thing I've felt is that I'm such a tiny insignificant person in this world.  How could I matter to God?  How could He possibly care about 1 person with seemingly tiny insecurities.  I've also been extremely lonely.  I have prayed over these problems, but wondered if they would even be heard.  Is anyone truly there? 

This morning, my neighbor who is also a member of my church (and by church, I mean and really should say religion) invited me to bring the twinkies over to play with her daughter.  As the kids were playing, she said that this past weekend she didn’t know why, but she had an overwhelming feeling she needed to talk to me. She then proceeded to tell me that she felt she needed to tell me that if I wanted to come to church and bring the twins, she and her husband could help me wrangle them during meetings since they only had 1 child themselves, we’d be 3 on 3.  I immediately started to cry.  How she knew that this had been a problem and worried me, let me know that my prayer had been heard.

She then proceeded to tell me she had been wondering if we could set up a weekly play date for the kids so we could have some social time as well.  Again, my prayer had been heard.

Then she told me about how she had been worried about the safety in our country and how things were turning south so fast.  This past weekend was my church's general conference.  We have them twice a year and the leaders speak on various topics.  One of the speakers spoke about the safety of our nation.  I had watched and read his talk last night and my neighbor said that she had been relieved to hear his words.  He was very optimistic about the future said that it is our spirituality that we need to keep guarded right now and that temporally, we will be kept safe as long as we have the Lord centered in our homes.  I have been kept up at nights with worry over the last couple months, with tears even.  I am an LDS woman.  In our history, the early pioneers who were faithful, were still chased out of their homes and many many were killed or died on the trek westward.  In my mind, I had images of something similar happening again, not because of religion, but because of where the world is going.  I imagined many faithful people of many religions suffering and I worried about my family who is spread all over the US.  Not everyone will have the same beliefs or fears as I do, and that's totally fine.  This was just one of my fears.  What this man had to say certainly filled me with peace. 

3 times this morning I was shown that my prayers had been heard and answered.  It doesn't matter what religion we are or how we practice, nor does it matter if the answer is what we want to hear or not.  What matters is that we're not too insignificant nor too tiny to matter.  He knows each of us and He does hear when we pray. 

: Re: He hears when we pray
: luv2bmom October 09, 2013, 07:03:42 PM
I am so happy for you Shelly!  It's so important to find like minded fellowship and support.  I am seeking and praying for answers for things in my life as well.

Thank you for sharing your experience, it's nice to hear from others that with prayer and patience we can find answers. 

It's hard for me to believe your an introvert!  In my younger years I was too, so painfully shy around others.  I guess age changed that for me, i'm not the life of the party or anything but I can mingle alot better than in the past! 

take care my friend.....
: Re: He hears when we pray
: Shelly October 09, 2013, 08:57:28 PM
it's been a hard lesson for me.  Some answers to prayers come years (or over a decade) later and some answers are not what i wanted at all, but it's nice when it works out. 

And yes, I'm definitely an introvert.  When I get to know people, you can't shut me up, but it takes me a looooong time to warm up to people and I always need a break after a social thing.  If I'm at a social event where I know no one or next to no one, I'm the person sitting in the corner with a drink hoping no one will want to come and make small talk.  I avoid the phone like the plague and if someone calls me when i'm not expecting their call, I have to let it go to voice mail so I can gather the courage to call them back.  I rarely can answer the phone on a random ring.   I'm painfully quiet.  College was rather scary for me.

It's odd though, I used to be less of an introvert.  In high school, I was drum major,  in a pit orchestra and chamber orchestra.  I was involved in homecoming and did a lot of active things.  I was always quiet, but much less so when I was younger.  Now, I have to get up the courage sometimes to go to the post office. 
: Re: He hears when we pray
: greyhoundgirl October 10, 2013, 10:53:13 AM
Just reading this now, Shelly.  I'm so glad you have had all these confirmations of prayers heard lately...they are so encouraging in our faith.  And how extra wonderful that this woman is your neighbor!  That would be such a blessing to have someone like-minded right there, both in the everyday and if things do worsen.  Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.
: Re: He hears when we pray
: Andrea G October 10, 2013, 02:29:56 PM
Shelly, that is so awesome!  God is so great and answers all of our needs, even the ones we think are trivial.  I love reading praise reports like this, it is so encouraging.  Thank you for sharing it.

I am so glad that you have found like-minded friends that can help you and be there for you when you need it.  I know what it is like to be introverted.  It is not easy to make friends, and even harder to ask someone for help when you need it. But God knows exactly who we need in our life.  How great is that! :)

: Re: He hears when we pray
: Sandlappersue October 10, 2013, 02:34:25 PM
Amen, Shelly! God is so good.
: Re: He hears when we pray
: Craftymom October 24, 2013, 06:41:31 PM
oSo glad to hear that God is answering your prayers.  Thank you for sharing it with us!