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: Friday Jan. 12, 2018
: pamgonzo January 12, 2018, 07:13:25 AM
Good Morning Ladies!
: Re: Friday Jan. 12, 2018
: pamgonzo January 12, 2018, 07:21:25 AM
Hi all! 

We made it to Friday!  Yesterday was crazy warm here.  In the upper 50's when I was out.  Also had some rain.  Most of our snow is gone, which is okay by me.  Over night the temps dropped hard, so now roads are icy and slick.  Glad I don't have to go anywhere today.  I think it's worse south of us. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE!!!!    Enjoy your day off and your coffee date with your friend!  It's good you are doing something for yourself!

My day is nothing to really write about, but I am here anyway!  8) 

Hubs was out of town yesterday and last night, but will be home some time this afternoon.  I think he said he has a couple of meetings this afternoon, so after that, I can expect to see him.

I watched part of season 2 of The Crown last night.  It's pretty interesting, even though I'm not really sure how accurate it really is.  I think there might still be a couple of episodes for me to watch today.  We will see if I get to it.

I have some laundry that was hanging to dry so all of that needs to be folded and put away.

I am making some Mexican food for dinner.  Will get the refried beans going in the crockpot this morning.  Then will have to figure out what kind of protein to do.  Chicken? Shrimp? Ground beef?  I can make that decision later.  One thing at a time!  ;) 

Hope all of you have a great day!
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: Rooney January 12, 2018, 01:16:15 PM
Hey Pam. :)

Happy Birthday Alice, if you are out there!! !!!!  :) :) :) :) :) :)

Well girls, we are smack in the middle of a winter storm and prayin' the power stays on through it.  We had ice last night, then snow, then sleet to make it like walking across slick concrete and now 4 more inches or so coming down this afternoon with high winds.  Yikes!  This is bad, but not near as bad as 2009 thankfully.  Supposed to do more of the same on Monday. :P

Had an appointment on Wednesday and  we had left the van on the grass that had turned to a muddy mess.  Got hung up so bad that missed the appointment and had to go yesterday instead.  We only make that mistake once a year (leaving vehicles on grassy area in winter time).

Not much going on here.  Just hoping hubby isn't having to much trouble in town with driving and that he makes it home safely tonight....EARLY hopefully.

My appointment yesterday left me feeling like I am sore all over.  Things are shifting around and painful right now.  Pretty much everything hurts.  Our chiropractor says that in his 25 plus years of practice that I am one of only a couple of people that he has so much trouble adjusting.  Kind of bad when your chiropractor calls you his "Project Case". Ha! :P :P  Did get a compliment that made me feel like I must be getting back in some kind of shape.  The assistant wondered  if I ran marathons with a girl that she and I both know because of my physique! :)  Makes me want to get over my injuries and keep on keepin' on. :)

Thinking baked potatoes and baked chicken and green peas for supper.  Mine will be minus the potato--the low carb thing is workin' for me so I will keep with it. ;)

We are going to clean up on the house this afternoon, clean up on our little gym, and try to get whatever kind of workout in that I can manage.  That is all assuming the power will stay on.  BIG ASSUMPTION!

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: Alice January 12, 2018, 05:39:31 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm on here for the first time today! Had a wonderful birthday so far. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Had a slow and lazy day. Coffee with a friend, then ran into MIL at the grocery store so that was a visit right in the store. Three of my four brothers called. All three kids called and my parents came over for a visit. 

Just like Pam we had such a strange change in weather over the last 24 hours that my car doors are frozen shut. Can't get any of the four doors open!  It is very cold today versus the near 60 degrees yesterday.

We had spring rolls with chicken in them for supper. We also had a small pkg. of red pepper/chicken ravioli to go with it and that was it for supper.  No sweets other than my bagel at Panera. 

Now I'm ready to go to bed already.

: Re: Friday Jan. 12, 2018
: pamgonzo January 12, 2018, 05:44:46 PM
So glad you enjoyed your day Alice!

Lindsey: hope your power stays on for you.  Sounds like really challenging weather you are having.  Stay safe!  Do you have a fireplace or a way to keep warm if you do lose power?  That is the one thing that always concerns me in winter since we don't really have any way to produce heat without power.  I have a gas stove and oven, but the oven controls are electric, so no help there if the power is out.  :(
Hang in there with your chiropractor adjustments.  Sounds like you are fit, so I'm sure that is helping you a ton!

Have a good night ladies!