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: Monday, April 16, 2018
: pamgonzo April 16, 2018, 06:25:57 AM
Good Monday Morning Ladies!!

 :D   8)   :D
: Re: Monday, April 16, 2018
: pamgonzo April 16, 2018, 07:16:20 AM
And, here we go!  ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!! 

The weather here is absolutely unbearable at this point!  I have done so well dealing with my seasonal affective disorder.  I was proud that I was able to deal with it this season.  But, now I am struggling.  This endless winter has me down.  We are expecting a warm up of sorts at weeks end, but man, it is really getting to be too much.  Last night, I was trying to figure out if I could get into my car and drive south, and how far I would have to go to get a little bit of sunshine and warmth.  That feeling has now passed to some degree, but man, it is just a little much.  We were in all weekend because the roads were so bad.  North of us they got a lot of snow, we got inches of sleet on top of ice.  Just thankful we didn't lose power at all.  A lot of people did. 

Today I need to do laundry.  I have the dishwasher running, so that is checked off my to do list. 
I need to work on some research for hubby.
I also need to menu plan.  I wanted to do that yesterday, but couldn't get an idea of hubs' schedule for the week, so I need to try to figure that out somehow.  I guess I will just make a list of ideas, and then go day to day.  I am thinking a big pot of chili today.  Then, if he makes it home for dinner tonight, great, and if not, it will reheat well for tomorrow.  I can do chili two nights in a row fine. 

The living/dining room could use a quick vacuuming. 
The kitchen is in pretty good shape, but there are a few things that need to be put away. 

Other than that, will be a pretty quiet day for me.  Hubs had to head out of town for the day.  Hoping the roads are clear and safe for him. 

Would love to hear some fun and cheery things from all of you! 
Hope all of you are having a great day!
: Re: Monday, April 16, 2018
: Alice April 16, 2018, 08:00:30 AM
Hi Pam and all who follow,

I'm going to try and post a bit more.  Nice to see a few folks have come back and are posting. Would love to hear from more as that keeps me going.

Like Pam, we have had terrible weather conditions this past weekend. We stayed in all day Sunday since church was cancelled all day. We did nothing. We couldn't do anything due to the icy road conditions. Not worth having an accident.

I was worried about our son driving on the ice. He said it took 20 minutes to scrape just a little peak hole on his windshield. He drove with that peak hole which I'm not happy about. That was on Sunday morning on his way to work. He came home last night and said the roads were clear and his car only had easy to remove ice. Glad he's home.

I'm hoping this is the end of winter and that warm temps. will now arrive. I want to get walking again.

We had some good meals this weekend but one very bad meal. Hubby bought a piece of beef and it tasted terrible. I think I have to throw the leftovers away tonight. I saw a chicken cordon bleu recipe for the instant pot that I'm going to try this week.

We didn't have any major cleaning to do since I did a lot of that on Friday. Laundry is caught up on but we only have two of us most of the time and three of us when our son comes home. I went to the Grocery Outlet store but can't really say their prices were hugely discounted. Not worth the drive for me. I'll stick to daily deals which really do have good prices. I also went to the mall the buy a few undergarments for myself. Four items and $100 dollars gone! Wow, prices are very high for that kind of stuff.

That's it for me.

: Re: Monday, April 16, 2018
: Rooney April 16, 2018, 02:16:13 PM
Hi girls.

Just taking a quick snack break of some grapes and then going to finish up the school day over the next hour or so.  So sorry to hear you are both still dealing with crummy weather.  I guess we are too (no ice, thankfully) because hubby just had to order another load of firewood delivered for tomorrow.  Will get supper started after school and then head down to the gym for a workout.  Arm day, my favorite. :) I need to see about finding some new CD's for workout time.  I really use the music I listen to as motivation and I need some new tunes. ;)

Don't know what we will do tonight.  Maybe work on bathroom remodel and do some extra cleaning.  Kids were saying it is supposed to warm up this week later, like 70's.  It is so muddy around here!  Kids have demolished the yard by riding bikes in the muddy grass,(hubby is not very happy about this) so we have to lightly disk it up and plant new grass seed in part of the front yard and the whole backyard.  :P The driveway has gotten so muddy, that my dad brought over a load of gravel and put it down a couple of days ago and will be bringing another load this week.  I guess we really need to just go ahead and blacktop it because our driveway seems to "eat" gravel and maybe that would keep the bikes out of the yard.

That's it for me today.

: Re: Monday, April 16, 2018
: greyhoundgirl April 16, 2018, 03:01:56 PM

Didn't make it on this morning as the kids went back to school and I went hiking. Was so glad to get out! My friend Lan's kids went back too so she suggested a 6 mile loop called the Bison Trail. Classified as "Moderate" though it's not bad at all if you don't mind a bit of climbing. We saw 4 dead bison in various places (2 of which we'd seen before) and also a new-to-us mine from back in the gold mining days. In the last 2 miles of the trail, we had to dodge 11 bison and Longhorn cattle in FIVE different areas. They were right on or next to the trail in all instances so we had to bushwhack around.

Weather, well, ours is weird but no snow. We had a freeze yesterday morning and are supposed to be at 91 degrees tomorrow. How does that even happen? Back in the 60's this weekend when I'm camping. I'm headed up near OKC for a Wilderness First Aid class this weekend and several of us opted to camp because it starts at 7 AM (I would need to leave around 5 AM otherwise).

Because of needing to make up the school time missed, school hours have been extended, 45 minutes for high and middle schools, and 1 hour for elementary. My kids are not thrilled. :( Me either, especially about the earlier mornings (high school will start at 7:25 rather than 7:40. This will begin on Thursday.

Dinner tonight is pork chops, fried potatoes, yellow squash, and maybe another veggie. The younger kids are growing like weeds and eating to match. Feels hard to keep food in the house some days. I'm sure you know the feeling, Lindsay.

Hope you all had a good day and will have a good rest of the week.


: Re: Monday, April 16, 2018
: Rooney April 16, 2018, 05:49:08 PM
Yep, I sure do get the can't keep food in the house, Catherine.  In Aldi with 2 full carts Tuesday night, back again with 2 full carts Saturday.  I am just betting we will be back in there before Thursday is over.  The words "I'm full" are not in their vocabulary. ;)