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: Monday, June 11, 2018
: pamgonzo June 11, 2018, 08:29:48 AM
Good Morning All!

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: Re: Monday, June 11, 2018
: pamgonzo June 11, 2018, 09:11:27 AM
Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all off to an amazing day!

Mine is already more productive than has been as of late.  I made a to do list last night before bed.  I find that if my list is already done when I get up, I have so much more clarity on where to start. 

I have laundry started, a little paperwork that needed to be done checked off, and know what I still need to get to.
On the to get to list:
put up new curtains on sliding glass door window
meal plan for today and T & W.  (We are out of town from Thursday thru Tues. next week)
pay credit card bill
get dil's birthday gift together and go to post office to mail
pick up pictures at Walgreen's for wallhanging
put frame together and hang on wall
unload and reload dishwasher

Not sure what dinner is tonight.  Either meatloaf or spaghetti.  Will see how I'm feeling when I sit down to meal plan!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was not too full.  Saturday we went to a grad party, and then down to dinner with friends and to the baseball game that our son is helping coach.  It is a college level team that is similar to minor leagues.  He travels with them across the midwest as well.  He is coaching first base, helping with the pitchers, and doing pre game scouting.
It is busy for him.  It was good to see him for a bit.

Sunday was a super cool and cloudy day.  We had tickets to a concert at the local botanical gardens.  We wanted to go, but it was just so cold, and a slight threat of rain.  So, we skipped it.  Hubs is deep in a huge project wrapping up, so he was on his computer all day. I just did things around the house, while he worked.  Went through a ton of clothes and bagged up a bunch to be donated.  So glad to have that done! I actually have more that can be sorted, but at least I have all of my summer stuff organized finally!  Not too exciting of a day, but at least productive for both of us!

I guess I had better get busy on my list.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
Check in when you can!
: Re: Monday, June 11, 2018
: Alice June 11, 2018, 01:10:35 PM
Hello? Anyone besides Pam here today?

We had a very laid back weekend. I had Friday off and did all the grocery shopping (wasn't much!) and other chores including mowing the lawn. I anticipated the rain for Saturday and wasn't disappointed and happy I mowed. But then I got bored being home all day long with no one but me and my two cats. Saturday, my road was closed down due to a 5K run being held so we had to wait until around 10 am to be able to get out in a car. I needed to do a last minute errand and was home within the hour. Sunday was just plain cool out and with the threat of rain we did nothing after worship services.

I'm glad to be at work today. I've had a few things to worry about and going to work makes the worries get put on the back burner. My daughter is in the midst of her adjustment time and our son had a small medical appointment that turned out just fine, so I worry. My other daughter is coming home next Monday from Honduras for the summer. I will be happy to see her.

I have to go to my parents tonight because dad called to say he has fresh strawberries from his garden for me. He said they are small this year. We don't mind. I might make a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam and have some fresh on cottage cheese or yogurt. I'm not sure what his garden will be like this year because he and mom took a 10 day vacation late May when he normally plants his garden. So I'm not sure if he even planted anything this year. I'll find out tonight.

That's it for me! Tell us how your day/week is forming.