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Managing a Household / Re: Monday, June 11, 2018
« Last post by Alice on June 11, 2018, 01:10:35 PM »
Hello? Anyone besides Pam here today?

We had a very laid back weekend. I had Friday off and did all the grocery shopping (wasn't much!) and other chores including mowing the lawn. I anticipated the rain for Saturday and wasn't disappointed and happy I mowed. But then I got bored being home all day long with no one but me and my two cats. Saturday, my road was closed down due to a 5K run being held so we had to wait until around 10 am to be able to get out in a car. I needed to do a last minute errand and was home within the hour. Sunday was just plain cool out and with the threat of rain we did nothing after worship services.

I'm glad to be at work today. I've had a few things to worry about and going to work makes the worries get put on the back burner. My daughter is in the midst of her adjustment time and our son had a small medical appointment that turned out just fine, so I worry. My other daughter is coming home next Monday from Honduras for the summer. I will be happy to see her.

I have to go to my parents tonight because dad called to say he has fresh strawberries from his garden for me. He said they are small this year. We don't mind. I might make a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam and have some fresh on cottage cheese or yogurt. I'm not sure what his garden will be like this year because he and mom took a 10 day vacation late May when he normally plants his garden. So I'm not sure if he even planted anything this year. I'll find out tonight.

That's it for me! Tell us how your day/week is forming.

Managing a Household / Re: Monday, June 11, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 11, 2018, 09:11:27 AM »
Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all off to an amazing day!

Mine is already more productive than has been as of late.  I made a to do list last night before bed.  I find that if my list is already done when I get up, I have so much more clarity on where to start. 

I have laundry started, a little paperwork that needed to be done checked off, and know what I still need to get to.
On the to get to list:
put up new curtains on sliding glass door window
meal plan for today and T & W.  (We are out of town from Thursday thru Tues. next week)
pay credit card bill
get dil's birthday gift together and go to post office to mail
pick up pictures at Walgreen's for wallhanging
put frame together and hang on wall
unload and reload dishwasher

Not sure what dinner is tonight.  Either meatloaf or spaghetti.  Will see how I'm feeling when I sit down to meal plan!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was not too full.  Saturday we went to a grad party, and then down to dinner with friends and to the baseball game that our son is helping coach.  It is a college level team that is similar to minor leagues.  He travels with them across the midwest as well.  He is coaching first base, helping with the pitchers, and doing pre game scouting.
It is busy for him.  It was good to see him for a bit.

Sunday was a super cool and cloudy day.  We had tickets to a concert at the local botanical gardens.  We wanted to go, but it was just so cold, and a slight threat of rain.  So, we skipped it.  Hubs is deep in a huge project wrapping up, so he was on his computer all day. I just did things around the house, while he worked.  Went through a ton of clothes and bagged up a bunch to be donated.  So glad to have that done! I actually have more that can be sorted, but at least I have all of my summer stuff organized finally!  Not too exciting of a day, but at least productive for both of us!

I guess I had better get busy on my list.  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
Check in when you can!
Managing a Household / Monday, June 11, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 11, 2018, 08:29:48 AM »
Good Morning All!

 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Managing a Household / Re: Thursday, June 7, 2018
« Last post by Alice on June 07, 2018, 11:50:04 AM »
Hi everyone,

Yes, I'm here and I've been reading the few postings that have happened but not so much activity.

Lots going on in my world, again. Daughter left for CT and she's going through her adjustment period which is always rough on her but rough on us as well. We continue to encourage, encourage, and encourage some more. She let us know how cold it was there and since she didn't think to pack a blanket for her bed nor a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirts, we had to send a package out to her already. We will have to do what we did when she was in college and that is to keep the lines of communication to a minimum and not respond to some things because we want her to work them out herself. We don't want to give recommendations and problem solve for her. It is hard to "cut her off" but we know this is the best solution for her to adjust herself.

We're going to go down to my income again very soon and I go through this planning period of suddenly shutting down the grocery shopping and trying to cut all spending until I get an idea of what it will be like on just my income again. This time there is no mandatory tuition so that will help. I was hoping to get some newer vehicles but that will be put on the back burner yet again. At least we have transportation.

My grocery list this week is about the same as last week and that is only milk and other fresh items. I can make do with pantry and freezer again and it is actually quite refreshing to do so. I think we emptied about half a dozen containers of this and that over the last couple days. Soy sauce, ginger, bag of tortilla chips, croutons, a container of mini tomatoes, and a couple more I can't think of right now. The ginger is OK since I have ginger root in my freezer that I grate as needed. I had a spare soy sauce in the pantry, croutons I can make when I want them and tortilla chips are not necessary. Oh, we used the rest of the homemade french dressing and the ranch dressing but I can make those whenever we want.

Dinner tonight is something at MIL's house. We don't love going there because it is all processed food but we do it because she wants to do it. We had a crunch taco casserole last night, chicken pot pie the night before, chicken curry the night before that and Sunday was a big roasted chicken.

We have a 5K run near our house on Saturday so our road will be closed so I have to plan wisely if I want to get out during that time. But maybe I will stay home and clean house. My kitchen floor needs a good mopping. What I really want is a steam mop (cheap) to clean the mess.

Managing a Household / Re: Thursday, June 7, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 07, 2018, 07:25:47 AM »
Thought I would get this started for the day.

Hope to see lots and lots of you check in.

We are on the eve of the weekend!  Any big plans for any of you?

First things first.  Getting through today!  I don't really know what I have for the day.  When hubby is out of town, I kind of dilly dally a lot.  I did get deep into a book last night, so will probably pick that back up. 

My kitchen still needs some attention.  I WILL get to that today doggone it!  I keep putting it off.  I need to clean the stovetop for sure. It has been bugging me as of late.

Other than those couple of things, not much.  Need to start my 30 day arms challenge.  Will get that done today.
I need a pedicure desperately.  Not sure if I want to go have that done at a nail salon, or just do it myself.  Will have to decide and take care of that.
Also need to color my hair.  Maybe I will get to that as well.

A piece of wall art is suppose to arrive today, so will get that put up when it shows up.  Hoping it turns out good.  It is a 24x36 print on canvas of a photo I took.  It is a bunch of colorful rocks in Lake Superior.  I think it will be a good addition to my living room.

Hope everyone is off to a great start.  We are in for a bit of a warm up into the 80's.  I probably should get a walk in this morning before it gets too warm. 

Hubs will be home late tomorrow.  We have a full weekend, and a crazy busy week next week.  Guess Summer is here!
Have a wonderful day everyone!  Let us know what you are up to and how you are doing!
Managing a Household / Thursday, June 7, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 07, 2018, 07:17:20 AM »
Good Morning Ladies!

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, June 5, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 05, 2018, 07:55:44 AM »
Good Morning Ladies!

Hope everyone is off to a good week.  We had a super busy weekend, so I just kind of checked out yesterday.  I had a long to do list, but hubs was out of town until tonight, so I just kind of indulged myself and spent time with a book and a couple of movies.  I did run a couple of errands, so I wasn't a total loaf!  I wanted to get a watermelon from Aldi, and needed some lemons.  Aldi had neither.  :(  So, I ran to another Aldi across town.  No go.  So I went to Meijer.  That's not what I wanted to do, because I had been there Saturday, and the watermelons were over $5. each.  I resigned myself to paying that, but when I got there, they had them on sale for $2-something. So, that was great. 
Got the watermelon cut up and the pineapple I picked up as well. 
I got one load of laundry done yesterday.  Working on finishing that up today.

Our weekend was full. 
Friday our new furniture came.  I am really happy with it and with how the rooms look now.  Still need curtains, but haven't decided what to do in that, so it can wait.  The bulk of the project is done.  The minor details will come together whenever. 

Saturday we walked up to the HS for the State Track Finals.  Our niece was running in one event.  It is about a mile and a half from home, so we walked to avoid dealing with the parking situation up there.  She did well, and it was nice to see some family that had come to support her.  After that, we walked home.  Hung around for a bit, and then walked over to a graduation open house in the neighborhood.  Came home, and then we went to the country radio station's concert event.  It was at the local minor league ballpark, so we parked at the middle school and walked in.  Again to avoid the parking hassle.  The headliner was Rascal Flatts.  It was a good show, but wow a lot of people.  And a lot of people unaware of their limits when it comes to alcohol.  Crazy!  Sure would not have wanted to be working security, or as one of the law enforcement officers there.
We didn't stay for the whole show.  Nice thing was that we had the play list, so I looked it over, and said -- okay, after they sing this song, we can go.  And we did.  We live about 2 miles from the stadium, and when we got home, we could still hear the concert!  Not clearly or anything, but wow, it must have really been loud!
Sunday we had 2 more graduation parties to go to.  So that was how we spent the afternoon.  Busy weekend.
Glad I took yesterday to recover!  LOL!!

Today I have put some wood floor rejuvenator on the hallway floor and the landing steps headed upstairs.  I had just a little bit left in the bottle from doing the living and dining rooms, so I figured I might as well just use it up.

Not much else is happening in my world.  On my to do list is coloring my hair, but not sure if that will happen today or not.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Would love to hear from you!
Be careful on that ladder Cheryl! Enjoy your low humidity while you can!
Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, June 5, 2018
« Last post by Cheryl on June 05, 2018, 07:50:11 AM »
Good morning, Pam and anyone checking in.

I was thinking about what I wanted to do around the house this morning.  I had decided to straighten up the pantry shelves because they're in such a shambles.  It seems things get taken out then just shoved back in any old way, no matter if it's where they actually go or not.  After checking the forecast, I think I will switch my plans around and do the pantry later.

It's overcast here today and the humidity is so low that it's pleasant outside.  I think I will take advantage of it and wash my windows. They really need it, especially the kitchen windows.  I will tackle the pantry this afternoon if I don't fall off the ladder washing windows!   :D. I hope I don't, so wish me luck!
Managing a Household / Tuesday, June 5, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on June 05, 2018, 07:32:35 AM »
Good Morning to all!

 ;D   8)   ;D
Managing a Household / Re: Friday, June 1
« Last post by greyhoundgirl on June 01, 2018, 11:07:31 AM »

Sitting here finishing up a treat soda that I had with my lunch--I rarely drink soda but allow myself the splurge now and then for a Mt. Dew. You'd think with that on top of two cups of coffee I'd be climbing the walls but I'm sleepy instead. :P I was wide awake at 5 AM even though all my kids spent the nights with friends (aside from Maddy who is away at her camp job) and I could have slept in. Got some watering and weeding done in the garden and a bucket of coffee grounds added to the compost bin. Towels have been washed and dried and I have meat thawing for dinner and cream cheese coming to room temperature for a cheesecake I want to make. Intended to bake that earlier but went to watch Micah ref a basketball game. He's technically too young (at 10) but a friends of ours runs the referee camp and let Micah go this year. Then he pairs him with an adult referee so Micah can shadow him and learn to do it. In 4 years, he'll be able to ref middle school ball so I guess it doesn't hurt to learn. Along those lines, Mallory, 14, is going to to volleyball ref camp in a few weeks so that she can be a line judge for middle school volleyball next school year as a paid job.

Dinner tonight will be sloppy joes and I think I will get some eggs and potatoes going in the Instant Pot for potato salad as well. Sounds good with our high of 102 today. Looking forward to Sunday's potential "cooldown" when it should only be 89. Hope that happens. But we're supposed to be right back up to 95 Monday and 100's the rest of the week again. I feel like my body just handles the heat even more poorly this year than in the past. Trying to stay active early in the morning. Our church has started a once a week 'yoga and a devo' class. My abs have been sore after this weeks' class which had several sequences of holding a plank then going into downward dog, back to the plank, then back to the downward dog (maybe 5 times?). Really proud of the ladies for coming to it. My 80 year old hiking friend came this week, and some other older (but not 80) ladies have been going regularly as well.

Cheryl, hope your freezer inventory and meal planning went well!

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