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Managing a Household / Re: Thursday, April 19
« Last post by greyhoundgirl on April 19, 2018, 07:51:18 AM »
Good morning!

Day 1 of the extended schools days for us. Felt early though it was only 15 minutes. I'm sitting here having a second cup of coffee with collagen (thinking I'll skip breakfast which is rare for me) trying to plan out the next few paychecks and what goes where. I used to be so good about planning all that ahead and have really slacked lately. But with my trip coming up and needing some "extra" for that, I'm trying to get it all figured out.

Next is to figure out what I'm taking camping equipment-wise and food-wise for this weekend. I have a backpacking commercial meal from PackIt Gourmet of "Texas State Fair Chili" that I think will be Saturday night's dinner. Our class will be partially indoors (at the police station, of all places, because one of the guys works there and got their training room) but also partially outdoors, and with a high of 51 and lows in the 40's with rain all day and camping, I'm thinking warm chili will taste good. I got Buck, our larger dog, a nice dense memory foam bed at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and was seriously thinking of swiping it for the weekend.  ::) Is that terrible? He has his old bed on the floor still but usually sleeps on this on the cedar chest at the foot of our bed. But, with me gone, he could sleep on the human bed with Earl. Only my torso would be on it, but with my hip issues, I'm thinking it would be good and I could just take a spare pillow for my legs to lie on. I have camping air mattresses but they are so loud when you roll over (which I do a lot of when camping) and my hips are usually aching by morning.

Also planning to get out and weed some areas in the front ahead of the predicted weekend rain. Got zucchini planted yesterday in a large tub and put some squash seeds out last week in some of the raised beds, along with green beans.

Dinner tonight is homemade fried chicken (possibly cut into nuggets for quicker cooking), mashed potatoes, and probably roasted Brussels sprouts. Mallory will be excited.

Cheryl, sounds like you are doing great with the clearing out. I am also guilty of running errands (or doing other things) rather than doing projects at home many times.  :-\

Have a great day!
Managing a Household / Thursday, April 19
« Last post by Cheryl on April 19, 2018, 06:04:30 AM »
Good morning!

I meant to post yesterday but got busy after Tony left for work.  While organizing my freezer, I found some strawberries. I made a few jars of jam.  Both of my girls love that stuff.

I have been enjoying staying home and working around the house lately.  I'm not going to lie, there have been days in the past where I had rather go to town than stay here and tackle a project. I'm finally, after 8 years of being in this house, getting it to a point I like.  All the downsizing of stuff has paid off.

I don't get to stay home today.  Emily has an 4-H meeting this afternoon.  Their guest speaker will be a master gardener discussing hydroponics. 

I hope you all have a great day!
Managing a Household / Re: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
« Last post by greyhoundgirl on April 18, 2018, 07:43:34 PM »
Nothing exciting here. Very suddenly started having UTI symptoms again last night while making dinner, so I went to urgent care after dinner and was prescribed antibiotics. I hate taking them but all my "natural" remedies apparently didn't fully get rid of it last week.

Mallory turns 14 tomorrow. She requested to go out to eat, just her with Earl and I for Mexican food. Because her school day will be extended by an hour beginning tomorrow (due to the walkout wasting snow days and another week beyond that), then she has academic team practice immediately after school, then goes straight to dance at 5 and isn't home till 7, we elected to take her out to eat tonight and let our other kids eat at the church under Maddy's supervision.

I need to figure out what all I need for two nights of camping in the 40's with rain (night temps) and get packed up tomorrow. Also need to figure out my food for the weekend. Might eat out once or twice but will will still need food for Friday night through Sunday night.

My Connecticut trip seems to be approaching quickly and I need to figure out food for my family while I'm gone. They can cook, but I try to have quick and simple options available.

Heading to bed. Have a good night.
Managing a Household / Re: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
« Last post by Rooney on April 18, 2018, 04:15:33 PM »
Hey Pam, I'm here. ;D

We had school the early part of the day, then I worked out and we have been outside the last several hours.  It is warm, but very windy (a warm wind from the south).  I cleaned the van out for the first time since right before winter, so that was BAD and took over 2 hours to wipe down and vacuum.  The older kids stacked the firewood that got delivered this morning (it was supposed to have been yesterday and I waited around all day for him to show and he never did :P) Seems like nobody every does things when they say they will nowadays, but instead when they get around to it. ::)  The others pulled the littles in a wagon behind their bikes.  Now it looks like rain might be coming so we are inside.  Dinner is in the oven (baked chicken with olive oil and Italian seasoning).  Just need to figure some sides, thinking broccoli and carrots. Tonight, don't know, we kinda need groceries AGAIN, but it will be too late to make it to Aldi at the rate we are going.  Guess that will go on tomorrow if we plan things right.  That is the only thing I don't like about Aldi, the early closing time.  Makes it difficult for us when we have to go during the week.  Need to actually make a list this time.  I keep forgetting things I really need and getting stuff I don't really need. :P

So nothing exiting here either, Pam.  Just warmer temps and that was great!


Managing a Household / Re: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on April 18, 2018, 01:45:25 PM »
Good afternoon Ladies!

Not sure where today went.  It is practically gone.  I haven't gotten that much accomplished either.

Went to my regular ww meeting, and then walked and lunched.  Decided not to go to South Bend for the baseball game, because they moved it from the minor league park to their regular field.
We are going this weekend, so we will see 3 games (hopefully.  Weather permitting!) 

Saw a little sunshine today, so that is a step in the right direction.  It's in the 40's.  The snow seems to be melting - a little slowly for my liking, though!

Hubs has a long day at work and then an evening obligation, so he won't be home until later tonight. 

I will probably do a salad for dinner.  It's what I need to do anyway!  And, I don't want the salad ingred. that I have to go bad and be wasted.

Really not much happening here for me.  Wondering if any of you are having any more of an exciting day??

Have a blessed rest of your day and evening!
Managing a Household / Wednesday, April 18, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on April 18, 2018, 01:38:15 PM »
Hello Ladies!

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
« Last post by Alice on April 17, 2018, 12:19:57 PM »
Hey Cheryl,

I make the same kinds of sandwiches for my son on his weekends away. I have used english muffins but bagels are my choice. I take a pound of sausage and divide into as many pieces as I can then flatten them between oiled wax paper. Then I fry them to be very thin sausage patties. I put mayo on the muffin, then the sausage patty, then a fried egg, then cheese. He has those for lunches and then homemade frozen meals that I pack up during the week for supper. Anything leftover at a meal is fair game to be frozen for a meal for our son on the weekend. I don't want him living on fast food 3/7 of his week for when he works out of town 3 days per week.

Yesterday a lot of you posted about hungry kids and eating all the time and needing to get groceries a lot. I had to laugh because I remember those days! We still have those days during the summer but it's not like it was when they were growing up. I shopped twice per month and did HUGE grocery hauls and we plowed through so much food. I cooked all the meals and I was much more organized about meal planning then than I am now. I still sometimes shop like I have a huge family and it's been 5  years with kids in and out (mostly out). I would go back to those days if I could. Time is flying by and now I'm old and I can't go back. 

Oh, and the laundry that needed to be done! Memories of hanging my laundry outside early mornings before I went to work and instruction anyone who was home to take them off the clothesline when they were dry. I had three long clotheslines and we filled them all. So different from my life today. We barely do laundry except maybe two small loads per week.

OK, enough walking down memory lane.

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
« Last post by Rooney on April 17, 2018, 11:43:22 AM »
Hey girls. :)

Usual day here.  Taking a break while kids eat grilled cheese.  It is about 60 here today, which is sooo much better, and is supposed to be 73 tomorrow with a warm south wind.  Looking forward to that.  Pam, I get that seasonal thing too, always have as far back as I can remember.  I can usually ward it off by using my tanning bed (thankfully I have one at home, otherwise I would never get to go to a salon) once a week during the winter and making sure I get exercise each day.  If I do those 2 things, it doesn't really even bother me anymore, but doesn't mean I'm still not itching to get outside!  Then I can here myself, come about August, how I can't wait for it to cool off and all the outside yard work to end. HA! :D  Guess that is why we have seasons. ;)

Alice, my older kids have just really started using the kitchen to fix a few things for themselves and they leave the kitchen a mess too.  It is almost not worth having them fix their own snacks for the mess it leaves.  They eventually clean it up after being made to, but I really wonder when they will just clean it up on their own without being told.

Wow, I got called away in the middle of posting this and it is like 30 minutes later. Still have the rest of the school day, laundry to catch up on, and supper to fix. Also a workout to get iN .  It is LEG DAY!  There is a reason my oldest has a t-shirt that says "SHUT UP LEGS, YOUR OKAY". ;D ;D Gotta get back at it.  Will try and stop in later.

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on April 17, 2018, 09:30:25 AM »
Good Morning Ladies. (at least for another hour!)

Things here are more of the same.  Thought about going to son's games today, but they moved them from South Bend to close to Indianapolis, so no go.  That would be instead of a 2 hour drive closer to a 4 hour drive one way.  I considered it for a second, but the first game started at 11, so I would have had to leave by 6:45 to make it there in time.  Yeah, not so much.  They have had such crummy weather for their season.  Add to that, a lot (and I mean a LOT) of losses, makes it kind of a bummer.  The only silver lining I can see, is that since he won't be playing after this season, it might be a little easier to walk away from it. 

I am considering going down tomorrow for their game.  They are set to play at the minor league stadium.  They got cancelled out this weekend.  It's just one game, but I would like to get some pictures of them there.  We will see.  I would go to my regular weight watchers meeting, walk, and grab a quick lunch, and then head down.  We will see how I am feeling about it tomorrow.

The weather. Oh, the weather.  Just so tired of it.  Told my husband that I was considering going to the games today and then after just keep driving south!  Until I was watching the Braves game in Atlanta last night, and it was like 40* there.  Kind of ruined my plan!  ;D

Today I am going to try to be productive.  I am struggling with my mood these days.  The weather has me down.  I am fighting it, but it is so exhausting.  Another couple inches of snow.  Blah!  We are looking at a slight warm up this weekend.  Praying for it to happen! 

Good luck with that roast Alice! I'm sure it will be lovely.

Cheryl: you sound like you have hit the ground running!  Pass some of that motivation this way!  If you hung your clothes on the line here, they would freeze solid! LOL!  Glad you can hang them out where you are!

Catherine: hope your back is feeling better.  Will the acupuncture help with that?

Time for me to get busy. Hoping it helps my mood issues to get moving!

Dinner is chili cheese enchiladas with leftover chili from last night.
Have a great day everyone!!

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, April 17, 2018
« Last post by Alice on April 17, 2018, 07:54:35 AM »
Good morning everyone,

Woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. Snow, snow and more snow. I'm not going to let it bother me but really, snow in Mid-April?

I've been very tired lately. I even nodded at work yesterday and then jerked awake. I went to bed on time last night (I go to bed on time every night!) and slept fairly well. A couple of times I stirred due to being hot but went right back to sleep. I just don't know what is going on with me.

I made an awesome rigatoni with pasta sauce on Sunday but the men have that for lunches so I made another pasta meal that was really good. Chicken cordon bleu and that was fantastic. There are leftovers but we'll leave those for lunches or freeze some for when son works away on weekends. I put a frozen roast in the oven this morning and set the time bake to start a bit later. I added some carrots but skipped the potatoes since it won't bake for a while and I don't want the potatoes to turn color. Hopefully this will work out well.

My hubby bought a these roasts last week and one of them we rotisseried and I didn't like it at all. So I thought I would grind up the cooked meat and use it for tacos. That was a bad idea since it turned to mush once I put it in the skillet with taco seasoning. I was going to throw it away but my boys decided to add it to their egg skillet breakfasts and both loved it! Whew! Lesson learned--don't grind cooked meat.

I am going to put together some breakfast burritos tonight since they were such a big hit last week. Also, I'm getting a small grocery list ready. Fresh veggies and such as well a some dairy products. But that won't happen until the weekend.

Walking outside is a no go since this weekend but I hear the warm weather is coming by this weekend. I'm looking forward to that. So that is on the agenda for the weekend as well as storm cleanup around the house. The winds were pretty wicked this weekend and there are lots of branches down. We burned twigs once already and cleaned out the entire stock pile of twigs but I believe there will be another small burn this weekend. I've got my marshmallows ready for a roast!  I might even fire up the grill for hamburgers.

I had to talk with my adult son about leaving the kitchen a mess.  Wow! I came home from work and he had done the dishes but there was water all over the counter which he didn't wipe up and the sink was full of coffee grounds. I had to remind him I wasn't a maid and if he would please wipe up after himself and rinse the sink out. And the stove had egg spills that I gently reminded him to wipe up as well. He gets free room and board for one year after college but I'm still not his maid. He gave me a big smooch and "sorry".  He didn't mean to be messy.

That's it for me.

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