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Managing a Household / Re: Thursday, May 17, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on May 17, 2018, 09:52:57 AM »
Hi anyone who pops in!

A little later than usual for me.  I am trying to get a handle on my living/dining room update.  I bought paint and supplies yesterday. 

Had one of our sons buddies come over last night and help hubs move a couple big pieces of furniture into the garage to get them out of the way.  I am down to a loveseat, tv stand & tv, a couple of end tables and lamps in the space.  I should be able to work around all of these things.  Will probably take the end tables and lamps out of the space when I get down to it. 

Today I am just clearing things out.  Lots of magazines and books, and some old papers that have been circulating around.  Time to deal with them and get rid of everything I can.  Once all that is gone, I will wipe down all the trim and make sure the walls and ceiling are ready for paint.  Not planning on picking up a brush or roller until tomorrow.  I scheduled our furniture delivery for June 1, so I don't have to rush the process.  I just don't want to feel stressed about it.  Hoping to get the bulk of the painting and cleaning done by Saturday.  Want to pull up carpet on Sunday.  That way I can clean and polish the floors next week.  Would love to have them refinished, but that is a huge expense.  Looked into DIY, but I'm just not confident that would go very well for us!   :o

Hope everyone is having a great day.
Alice: hope the move went without any hiccups for you last night, and that your dinner roulette was a success!  Did the boys make dinner for you?

Nice weather here the last couple days!  Loving that spring is finally here.  It has been a loooooooong time a comin'!!!

Managing a Household / Thursday, May 17, 2018
« Last post by pamgonzo on May 17, 2018, 09:44:20 AM »
Hello Ladies!

 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Managing a Household / Wednesday, May 16, 2018
« Last post by Alice on May 16, 2018, 12:50:43 PM »
Good Afternoon,

What a lovely day today has become. Delicious.

I'm in the middle of a very busy week. Handled a few things already this week and even today. Tonight is packing daughter up from college to move home. This is the last time of moving kids into and out of campus housing. More stuff even later tonight but one by one I'm knocking the busy week off the list.

We had our underground sprinkling system checked out and activated. I was very nervous since we didn't run it last year due to all the work outside that included a lot of digging. But it turned out very nicely. It came with the house so we might as well use it. It beats dragging hoses all over the yard.

We had an awesome couple of meals the last two nights. Homemade pizza using little leftovers that were tucked in the fridge. I made a wonderful dough and the reason it was wonderful was that I was able to let it rise better because of unexpected company that night. I shaped it and then didn't have time to get back to it until about an hour later. My company stayed to eat it also. Last night was a pork lo mein using a pkg. of lo mein noodles my neighbor gave me. It was a very large pot of food that made 6 good portioned meals with a bit leftover. Three suppers last night and three lunches for today. All using kitchen refrigerator and freezer bits and pieces.

Tonight will be interesting for supper. I won't be around to make it so we'll see if the men come up with something or if they will make something just for themselves. My daughter and I will be home by 6 pm so we'll see what the boys come up with (or not).

I've been sleeping much better lately. The periods of hot aren't so prominent anymore. Makes me wonder if they were hot flashes at all. It felt like and electric poke heat (although I don't know what that even is) that just touched me and I would feel like I was frying and then it would be gone. It seems like something inside me that was misfiring and now has regulated itself. Or is that wast a hot flash is? I still am warm at night but not that instant poke hot feeling, rather I just prefer sleeping cooler than warm.

So that's my update.

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, May 15
« Last post by Alice on May 15, 2018, 09:19:06 AM »
Good Morning, all.

Cheryl--scary. Take care and get some rest.

My daughter graduates on Saturday and she also is looking at grad. school in Ohio! She has already applied but I'm not sure if she will get in for this fall.  Our son helped her pack up a lot of stuff last night and he brought a car load home. I had no idea they had planned to do that but that is just less for me to help her with tomorrow. It is so much better to have the muscles (and the youth) of my son to do the moving home for her. I'm hoping my part tomorrow is minimal.

It's raining here again today. Yesterday it had cleared up for most of the afternoon but it started raining again during the night and has been raining all morning. I really hope it will clear up and dry out just a bit. Especially for Saturday when it is graduation day.

Not much going on in my world except for the activities of the week.

Managing a Household / Re: Tuesday, May 15
« Last post by pamgonzo on May 15, 2018, 08:07:15 AM »
Oh my Cheryl. That is scary! Our youngest has epilepsy, so I know how frightening seizures can be.  His triggers are lack of sleep, dehydration and over use of video games. He takes anti-seizure meds daily, and it seems to keep them in check.  Scary scary stuff though. Hope you start feeling back to normal soon. I know it can take some time.  Take care of yourself!  Get some rest and destress!

I have been between crazy busy, and semi-depressed, so I haven't been here in a while. Trying to get back to normal, so hopefully will be better about checking in!
This past week has been go go go. 
Last Tuesday our son graduated from college.  It was a long but fun day and night.  We went early and went to lunch with him, one of his roomates and his parents.  After graduation, we went out for a bite to eat with both roomates that graduated, their parents, and siblings, and the baseball coach.  It was nice. We then all went out with the boys and a bunch of their friends. They were dancing and having fun. We left there at about 2:30 am.   :P  We had to be on the road by 6:30 because hubs had to be back to work.  We made it in time, but let's just say that I pretty much spent the day on the couch Wednesday!  I'm too old for that kind of "fun"!

Friday my hs bf's daughter got married.  She was married at the courthouse, and I went so I could make sure they had photos.  They had a photographer meet up with them at a park for family photos after the ceremony, but my friend wanted to make sure they had some at the actual ceremony.  So I did my best doing that.  They turned out pretty good.  Decided I could use some photography lessons!  I prefer to shoot nature.  That was a bit of a late night as well.

Saturday my middle son, his fiancee and her parents met up with us at a restaurant for dinner, and then we went to the minor league baseball game.  It was a double header.  We left in the middle of the 2nd game.  It was kind of raining, so we were done.

Sunday was a nice day.  First time in about 3 years I saw any of my boys on MD.  Youngest came home, and we met up with son, fiancee and her parents for lunch.  They had gone to Tulip Time in Holland, MI, so we met up with them over there.  It was a fun day.  Youngest son came home so he could borrow my car.  He is on his way to a college in Ohio to possibly, probably most likely commit to Grad School.  He would be a Graduate Assistant for the baseball team there.  They will pay tuition, room and board, and give him a small stipend.  It is a great opportunity for him to be able to get a master's degree basically for free.  Well, he would work for it by coaching, but that is his one true passion, so it would be win win!  I hope it works out for him.  The only drawback, is that he will be 7 hours away from home.  Much farther than just 2 hours. 

Last night we went furniture shopping.  We have needed new livingroom furniture for a LONG time.  It just kept being put aside for other things.  Right now we have a sofa, loveseat and a recliner.  We have decided on 2 sofas (there is only a $40 difference in the price of a sofa vs. a loveseat.???), a large storage ottoman, and a rug.  We are going to tear up our carpet to get to the wood floors underneath, so I knew we needed a rug.  They have everything in stock, and said "we can have it delivered by Saturday."  Ha ha!!  I no way can have it delivered by Saturday!  I need to pull up the carpet, polish the floors, and paint.   ;D  It may take some time!  On the way home, we stopped at the hardware store to grab some paint chips.  I think I have the color picked out, so I need to go buy that, and get going on that.  After that, we will need to figure out what to do about curtains, or shades, or whatever.  We might go back and get a chair later, but I just can't right now.  My mind was already swimming in decisions!  Plus I want to see if we actually have room for one with 2 sofas.  Hopefully we will.

Today I am going to a movie with a girlfriend.  She is picking me up since I don't have a car today.  Hubs leaves Th morning for a couple days, but his writing partner will drive, so I will have access to his car until son gets back from Ohio.  I don't think he will come back up until Saturday night.  He and other son and their girls are going to visit my parents Sunday, so he will probably just keep my car until then.  That is fine since I will have a vehicle available.

Guess that is about all that is going on in my life. 
Hope all of you are doing well.
Rainy here today and tomorrow.  Need to mow our lawn, so hoping to do that on Wednesday! 

Take care of yourself Cheryl!!  Will keep you in prayer!

Managing a Household / Tuesday, May 15
« Last post by Cheryl on May 15, 2018, 06:14:22 AM »
Good morning.

I had quite an adventure late Saturday night.  I stood up, took a couple of steps, then had a seizure.  I hit the corner of my bookshelf face first, knocking out a tooth and splitting my mouth wide open in a couple of places.  I ended up with stitches at the corner of my mouth and right through the center of my bottom lip. 

I am still finding bruises on my body, but hopefully they will fade soon and I will be back to myself.

My seizures are brought on by lack of sleep and stress, so in a way I have been expecting this to happen, but hoping it wouldn't.  Now I have people hovering over me expecting me to fall at any second.  I am trying to take it easy, but sitting around is not my thing.

I think I will try to work in the garden while it's cool out.  Later today we are supposed to get some rain.     

Hope you all have a great day!
Managing a Household / Monday, May 14, 2018
« Last post by Alice on May 14, 2018, 06:52:06 AM »
Good morning,

It's raining, a lot. We've had plenty of rain lately and everything is so nice and green but it doesn't look like it will be over until the last round comes through later tonight. Then we will have a few days of sunshine.

It's going to be a busy week for me. My colleague is taking off this whole week but I have so much going that it will be hard to work all day and then do what has to be done at night. It's the last week of undergrad school for my youngest so she needs to finish exams early this week and then we move her home on Wed. Friday is graduation activities for her and a parents picnic that I'm going to go to. My parents also leave for a vacation to the Netherlands to visit relatives. I'm rather nervous about that because they are in their mid-80s but my brother is going with them. On Saturday is graduation so that should be fun since it's our last graduation (at least from undergrad schools).

On Saturday we thought we lost our cat. I know she tries to sneak outside whenever the door opens and we were sure she got out on Sat. morning. We had errands to run so we called for her and she didn't come. She always runs to us when we call her. We called her for a long time both inside and outside and she never came--for a couple of hours. We were so sad. I did the errands alone while hubby stayed home looking for her. Nothing. We decided to thoroughly look through the house and found her sleeping, curled up in a ball on our daughters bed, blending in with the comforter. She never answered us because she was sleeping so soundly for many, many hours. She was inside the entire time.

We were alone for Mother's day yesterday but we had a nice day. I made a beef roast, beef risotto, and green beans. We had strawberries on sponge cake with whipped cream for dessert. All of the food was purchased from the discount rack. Sounds terrible but that is how I shop. I got some green beans that needed to be sorted through and strawberries that needed to be looked over carefully. Even the beef roast was discounted but it was the best roast we've had in a long time. The rice was made with broth from the roast and some broth I kept from the instant pot when I cooked something earlier this week. I think I got the bag of rice on a discount rack a few weeks ago.

I also got six pkgs. of mushroom discounted. They didn't look bad at all. When I got home, I rinsed them while looking them over, then I sliced them and sauteed them. I let them drain then I spread them out on a cookie sheet to flash freeze. I like frozen mushrooms for stir fry, pizza and even for a breakfast omelet. Maybe I should get a dehydrator.

On Saturday we had rain also but by late afternoon it had stopped and it was drying out so I mowed our very long grass. I'm so glad I did because it really couldn't have gone many more days without a cut.

Other than that we had a good weekend.

Managing a Household / Re: Wednesday, May 9
« Last post by Cheryl on May 11, 2018, 01:15:39 PM »
He had to have walked here, but we have no idea where he hid.  Tony jumped in the truck and drove down the road but saw no sign of him. 

I've talked to one of my neighbors and she told me they thought they heard someone last week.  I am trying to be extra careful when I go out.
Managing a Household / Re: Wednesday, May 9
« Last post by greyhoundgirl on May 10, 2018, 11:42:57 AM »
That's scary, Cheryl! Do you think he came in on foot? Good thing you have dogs!
Managing a Household / Wednesday, May 9
« Last post by Cheryl on May 09, 2018, 07:10:45 AM »
Good morning!

It's been a few days since I have checked in, so I wanted to post before I go out to work in the garden.

We had a bit of excitement here around 10 o'clock last night.  Our dogs were barking, which is not unusual because there is a fat possum that walks around our yard just about every night.  I didn't think too much of it until their barks changed to more serious sounding ones.  I turned on the porch light but didn't see the possum.  I noticed one of our cats in the porch swing and I could tell she was looking at something.  I opened the front door and said, "What are you looking at?"   (Yes, I talk to my cats.  :) )  About that time I heard a man say something.  I slammed the storm door and yelled at him to get off our property.  I got a glimpse of him then.  He was standing in my front yard hiding behind a tree, just outside the range of my porch light.  I have no idea how long he had been there, what he might've been able to see of us through the windows.  Our kitchen light was on, so we were visible to anyone outside.  I was shaken at first, then I got mad.  Tony called the sheriff, but we live in a very rural area.  By the time the deputy arrived, this person was long gone.

That was enough excitement to last me for a long time.  I hate the thought of what might have happened if Emily had gone out to see what the dogs were barking at.  Our house is set back from the road and we don't have lights outside other than the porch light.  I think now we will be adding some high powered motion activated spot lights.

Well, that's about it for me.  I need to go work in the garden before it gets too hot.  I cut grass yesterday with a push mower for close to 2 hours, so I definitely got some exercise. 

Have a great day!
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