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101 goals in 1001 days
« on: March 06, 2015, 08:19:27 AM »
This past week I came across a goal concept called 101 goals in 1001 days.  The idea is to complete 101 pre-set tasks in a period of 1001 days, which is about 2.75 years.  The tasks are specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.  The tasks must also be stretching and realistic.

I really liked that idea because I have some goals/projects I want to accomplish in the near future but they won't be accomplished this year.  For example one of my financial goals is to pay off a credit card.  Using an online calculator, I know it will take 39 months to pay it off.  But I can work on a measurable, definable result by paying $xxx each month over the 2.75 years of this project.

I've spent this past week making my list and reading blog posts from others who have done this project.  There's a mix of the serious and the challenging; the fun and frivolous; the personal and the social; etc.

I've made and revised my list to have a good balance between all the areas I want to work on.  I've compared my 2015 goals list with the 101 goals list to ensure that the 2015 goals are included on the 101 list.

I think it is ready, and I plan to start on Sunday, March 8, finishing on December 2, 2017.  So here's my list:

1.   Set up a will/Gather recommended documents for preparation for death/Organize
2.   Pay off Credit Card #1 ($XXX/month will pay off in 39 months)
3.   Pay off Credit Card #2 ($XXX/month will pay off in 7 months)
4.   Pay off $XXXX of Credit Card #3 ($XXX/month will pay off  balance in 61 months)
5.   Set up savings accounts for children/deposit money
6.   Set up USEP accounts for Child #1 & Child #2/deposit money
7.   Set up vacation account and save for 2 vacations/20th anniversary vacation
8.   Save $XXXX for new van
9.   Set up a retirement account
10.   Find/get van title; ensure lien is removed

With/For Husband
11.   Date nights X 20 (and document!)
12.   Celebrate Husband's birthday (and document!)
13.   Celebrate Father's Day (and document!)
14.   Nights after bedtime with no computer x 100
15.   Put love note in suitcase for each trip
16.   Spend an anniversary night at a bed and breakfast or nice hotel
17.   Have a candlelight dinner x4 (with the good linens, china, etc.)

18.   Read all 4 standard works once through
19.   Find a family name and prepare it for the temple ordinances  x 2
20.   Go to Time Out for Women (and document!)
21.   Go to BYU Women's Conference (and document!)
22.   Go to Education Week (at least 2 days)(and document!)
23.   Take an ASL Institute class
24.   Attend the temple x30

25.   Family vacation to Colorado with Husband's family
26.   Visit Arches National Park
27.   Visit Yellowstone
28.   Family vacation to San Francisco and area
29.   20th anniversary trip with Husband 2017

30.   Read 101 books
31.   Plan a year of preschool for Child #4 (2015-16 school year) and produce materials
32.   Do Tiger Scout activities with Child #3 during his first grade year (October 2015-16)
33.   Take a class through BYU Continuing Education x 5

34.   Train for and run a 5K x2 (One a Childhood Cancer Awareness run)
35.   Reach 175 lbs and maintain
36.   Get yearly mammogram 2015 2016 2017

37.   Organize each room of the house
38.   Organize garage
39.   Organize shed

Document (Scrapbooking and related)
40.   Finish wedding scrapbook
41.   Finish high school/college book
42.   Finish each child's baby book
43.   Finish "almost done" pages and get in albums
44.   Organize and back up digital photo files
45.   Purchase negative scanner/convert negatives to digital images
46.   Finish Christmas book
47.   Finish Christmas ornaments book
48.   Finish scrapbooking San Diego trip
49.   Scrapbook Colorado trip
50.   Do Project 52—focusing on the everyday of our life
51.   Finish Georgia book
52.   Update family portraits book

For Fun
53.   Visit Cherry Hills
54.   Visit Natural History Museum at U of U
55.   Visit Living Planet aquarium
56.   Visit Little Sahara sand dunes
57.   Hikes x 10 (Ideas: Silver Lake, Ensign Peak, Donut Falls, Minnetonka Cave, Temple Quarry, Rocky Mouth, Delicate Arch, Bell Canyon, Secret/Cecret Lake, Lake Mary)
58.   Visit Lagoon
59.   All 6 of us dress up for Halloween (6 superheroes?  A group of 6 costume?)

House Stuff
60.   Paint entire house
61.   Spruce up kitchen (install crown molding, caulk/paint baseboards, finish kitchen ceiling)
62.   Living room: add some not-family pictures
63.   Master bedroom: buy new bed (mattress and headboard/footboard); replace baseboard with something that matches living room; install crown molding; put up curtains; decorate
64.   Master bathroom: replace light; install fan; replace sink/vanity; tile floor; decorate
65.   Replace front door
66.   Replace sliding glass door

67.   Finish current craft projects (wood snowflakes, wood hearts, wood pumpkins, drying rack, felt Mr. Potato Head, felt superhero masks,  gratitude board, Christmas activity advent board, Child #2's Scout shadow box, egg candlesticks, egg tree w/ leftover eggs)
68.   Finish all started sewing projects
69.   Use girly fabrics to make things for girlfriends' daughters.
70.   Make burp cloths with remaining cloth diapers.  Half boy and half girl.
71.   Make cloth shopping bags with denim squares
72.   Make quilt for Child #4
73.   Favorite sports teams quilt for Child #2
74.   Make new Arrow of Light for Child #2

Emergency Preparedness
75.   Assemble 72 hour kits for each family member
76.   Assemble emergency  kits for each vehicle
77.   Inventory food storage and make plan to replenish/increase long term food storage
78.   Set up tent in backyard/check poles/replace broken poles
79.   Buy another water barrel
80.   Find permanent home for water barrels/move there/fill with water

81.   Contribute to ward Sub for Santa program 2015
82.   Contribute to ward Sub for Santa  program 2016
83.   Contribute $10 to 30 different charities/groups/organizations/etc.
84.   Volunteer at Deaf Center for 2 events
85.   Volunteer at JMS for 2 events

86.   Fix fences
87.   Remove trees in backyard
88.   Remove willow tree in front yard
89.   Shape new flower beds and put in borders
90.   Clean up rocks and put along south side of driveway
91.   Plant new plantings in flower beds
92.   Plant garden (including enriching garden soil) 2015 2016 2017

93.   Complete Personal Progress 2015 2016 2017
94.   Girls weekend with 2 girlfriends
95.   Get a professional massage
96.   Get a pedicure
97.   Win NaNoWriMo
98.   Have a 45th birthday party with  my girlfriends (2016)
99.   Learn to play 4 songs on the piano—play well!
100.    Run a Color Run
101.   Complete a 30 day Core challenge and a 30 day Plank challenge

Many of these goals are ones that I've had in mind for awhile, and others are challenges that I think will be good for me.  So it'll be fun to see how I do on these.

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Re: 101 goals in 1001 days
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 11:14:03 AM »
WOW!  Wow, wow, WOW!!!  What a cool idea, and a GREAT list you've got!  Anytime you'd like to add 'scrapbook retreat with Mandy' to the 'travel' section, I'm up for getting some serious scrapbooking done :-)

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