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Organization Project 4-15-15
« on: April 15, 2015, 07:39:10 AM »
Clean out the deep freezer!  Actually, this happened already yesterday but organizing it a bit more this morning.

It wasn't too bad at all with ice buildup inside and there were only two surprises inside. Both were sweet pickles but one had what looked like a mayonnaise sauce that looked terribly freezer burned. Decided not to try to eat that one. Another one was also sweet pickles but I think it was made with zucchini and I remember no one liked zucchini turned into sweet pickles. 

I had a couple of refreezable ice packs that were leaking and so there was sticky goop on the freezer racks and some on the bottom of the freezer. Cleaned all that sticky stuff up.

I don't have much in there right now so cleaning it was a good idea. Plus, I want to buy some chicken that will be on sale this Fri. and Sat. for when the kids all come home for the summer. That, and the fact that when my dad's garden starts to produce, I will be happy to have a cleaned out freezer to put things in.

On a side note, another project was to revamp the red lava rock behind the house but my hubby has a bad hip and back pain lately that we won't be doing that project. Instead, we'll just plant some kind of shrub or bush in there to make it look fuller. I'd like to add things here and there over the years to make it look pretty.

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Re: Organization Project 4-15-15
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 10:42:18 AM »
I have two today.

1.  Deep clean the pantry.  I know there are some containers that need to be refilled and some stuff that needs to be moved to food storage.  Also I had a potato go bad and "leak" on the floor so I need to clean up that stinky stuff.

2.  Deep clean the fridge.  I've managed to not need to go grocery shopping for 2 weeks so the refrigerator is good and empty.  I will go grocery shopping this afternoon after school drop off so this is a good time to really clean it before it gets loaded up with food again.