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Fall Cleanup 2017
« on: September 26, 2017, 06:31:56 AM »
Here we are at the end of Sept. 2017 and I thought it would be a good idea to see how many of you accomplished your spring and summer goals.

We had a huge list of very expensive things that we wanted to get done when we decided to stay in this house instead of moving into a different one. There were lots of benefits to staying. The big one is that we have an extended back yard which is much larger than many who live in the city. It also has a big garage/outbuilding out back as well as two small additions to that garage. We looked for other houses in the area but none had the big outbuilding.

We had to hire out most of the projects from new gas line, electric line, and telephone line out to the outbuilding/garage since that was somehow severed underground. Then there was a new electric panel in the basement since ours was not up to code, then new windows and a remodel on one bathroom downstairs. A new door between the garage and house was next. Lastly, all the lava rock behind the house that had a bunch of vine like plants were all removed and a brick patio was put in. It was more for our safety since we had to walk on that lava rock to get the the water spigot and we didn't want any broken ankles. Now it's done and it looks wonderful. We won't be using it this year because it's time to put everything away for the winter. We'll put a patio table with an umbrella out there and my potted plants out there next summer.

I am going to save my money now and prepare for some new carpeting. We have a very light carpet and it shows every smudge. I have had it professionally cleaned but it still looks grungy.

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Re: Fall Cleanup 2017
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 12:25:16 PM »
Yes, Alice! :)  We are moving on fall projects already!  Let's see, just yesterday the older boys went out into the sideyard and cleaned out an old minivan that used to be my MIL before she passed away.  Hubby didn't want to get rid of it, he drove it for a while, but it has sat there filled with extra construction supplies for long time after he quit driving it.  He hates to get rid of anything!  It is now cleaned out and should get hauled off this week, unless our neighbor who likes to fix and resell vehicles wants it.  We may just give it to him.  We decided it is time to get a new truck and maybe even a travel trailer, so the old must go before new comes in.   

We are cleaning out the greenhouse.  It gets to be a mess in there.  The plant beds are being cleaned out and having compost from the tumblers dumped in and just really the whole greenhouse straightened out. 

We are getting a spot ready for this years firewood, which will be ordered instead of gotten at the sawmill this year.  Sadly, this sawmill closed.  It was a real blessing to us while it lasted.

We did so much cleaning up on the outside this summer, there isn't a lot left to do.

Now the inside is a different story.  We are working on too many projects to mention.  We did finally finish off the basement "home gym" a few months ago.  It is really nice to have that functional and clean and pretty!  We have a small issue in the kitchen to deal with, a bigger issue in the kids bathroom, and really the rest is just cosmetic touching up. Kids are hard on drywall.  We really should just go through all the rooms they are in a lot and put paneling halfway up the walls.  We did that in the living room and now all you do to fix things is run a paint roller over it.

Other than that we are just cleaning and organizing everything and getting rid of anything we don't use.  Makes me feel good to only have things we are actually using in the house and not a bunch of stuff just sitting there taking up space. On the plus side when the boys were cleaning out the van they found 5 outdoor fold up chairs with carry bags that had never been opened.  They also found thousands (literally) of screws, bolts, nuts, nails that they put into their dad's organizers for the rentals. :)

I will stop now, I could go on for quite a while on this, I believe. ;)