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Friday October 11, 2013
« on: October 11, 2013, 05:11:59 AM »
Good morning ladies!

Today I have a doctors appointment and am going out to lunch with my sister. We love to do this every so often. I enjoy spending time with her, as when we were younger we fought something terrible.

Aside from that I have general straightening up to do and laundry. Of course, always laundry. I dont know how two people can have so much laundry! The weather this weekend is going to be in the high seventies, but, this coming week we're expecting a major cool down. I can't  wait. Theres a pumpkin festival in the next county over, we may ride over and check that out! You all have a great day!
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Re: Friday October 11, 2013
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Good morning,

I'm moving slow today, but i've enjoyed my coffee, got a load of clothes washing, let the chickens out and vacuumed. 

On Wednesday I had a colonoscopy and the Dr removed 2 small polyps, i'm so glad I followed my Dr's advice on getting a baseline!  I became really sick after I woke up, I guess from the anesthesia so they kept me till afternoon.  My stomach is pretty sore so i'm taking it very easy! 

It's beautiful today, dh is going to mow one last time.  It will soon be time to store our outdoor furniture too.

I went to Goodwill yesterday and found Brinly, (granddaughter) like new pink snow pants, suspender style for $2.39!  She has had a growth spurt this summer and is now wearing size 4T and she won't be 3 until February!  I also bought a tp holder, towel bar and ring towel holder in polished nickel for our rental house for $2.99, it was brand new!  that was a good deal for sure!  Our renter is moving in today, it will seem strange to start receiving rent after the house has been empty since we lost our son in December.  We have no choice to be landlords but thankful the woman we have rented it to came highly recommended so we are happy.

Hope you all have a nice Friday, I think i'll get cleaned up and run to Kroger....take care all!
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Re: Friday October 11, 2013
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2013, 08:03:29 AM »
Good morning!

Having a bit of a lazy morning today.  Only the 2nd day this week I don't have any appointments scheduled so I slept in.  Earl was taking a breakfast casserole to work (he has to do this once every 4 weeks) so didn't need breakfast and I didn't get up with him.  I let the little boys watch a movie.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  Low to mid 80's every day, really feels like fall (for here).  Next Tuesday, our high is supposed to be only 70, so even nicer.  :)  With storms, yay!  I need to get out and water the seeds I planted a couple of days ago.

Our adopted "family" here are taking the kids to the new Chuck E. Cheese that just opened here recently...picking them up at 5 this evening.  Then they're going to the local high school football game, or at least the boys are.  I'd love to go out for dinner with Earl while they're gone but am not sure we should spend the money right now, so we'll see.  Maybe we can figure out something low-cost.  I know the local Atlanta Bread has live jazz on Friday nights so maybe we'll eat here then go over there for coffee and music.

It will be good to be home today.  Plenty to only dilemma is where to being, lol.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Re: Friday October 11, 2013
« Reply #3 on: October 11, 2013, 08:34:18 AM »
Good Morning

So far maybe 1/2" of rain and no wind yet. (70 mph predicted). I get to be inside unless we see something strange with cows. I plan on cleaning out pantry and fridge and just cleaning. Last night I was washing clothes and doing dishes in case electricity goes out again. I am online ordering the kids deer tags and looking at recipes on pintrest. I seem to get lost looking at all the good things to make. So off to clean kitchen and start washing bedding.

Bobbie-sounds like fun. Enjoy!
Catherine- I would love to have an adopted family. How neat!
Luv2bmom- You find the most awesome deals at thrift stores. You make me jealous. Whenever I make it to the city I get excited to go but disappointed when I leave