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Wednesday, November 1, 2017
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Good Evening, already?

Where is everyone today?

Today at work my computer crashed all day long. The techy came at 3 pm so now I'll just wait to see what it's like tomorrow. When I got home from work I decided to get some leave cleaned up. But first I decided to try something new in my Instant Pot. I like frozen turkey loaves with the gravy (I'm sure they are terrible for me but I like them). I took it out of the aluminum pan and it fit perfectly in the bottom of my Instant Pot! I then added one cup of brown rice and one cup plus a a bit more of water. I set it for manual 30 and ran outside to do my yardwork. I put it in the IP from frozen state so it would be a test.

I came in after getting the yard work all done and it was in the "keeping warm" setting. I grabbed my instant read thermometer and it read 170 degrees which is five degrees more than what was required. We warmed up some corn and had a wonderful supper! Some strawberry jello fluff to go with it and we are so satisfied. I wish the aluminum pan would have fit so that the rice and roast would have been separate but this was good too.

Our dryer died last week and we only found out last night when I felt some clothing that someone put in there over the weekend and it was still wet and stinky. The dryer turns but no heat. Hubby tried to fix it today but the part he replaced wasn't the broken part. So tomorrow we will have a repair guy come in and hopefully he can fix it. I am not allowing this to stress me out. I am so used to hanging my laundry anyway so now I can just hang it inside. On a good day, it can still go outside to dry but I hope it gets fixed tomorrow.

I have been turning my furnace off as much as possible. When it's on it's too hot and when it's off it get's cold. I always struggle with this during the transition time.

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