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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:10:31 AM »
Can you believe we almost halfway through with November already! Ouch.

The sun is trying to shine today. The temps should be in the mid-40s today and then it will rain tomorrow.

Our routine is a bust lately. We just can't get outside to walk at 5:30 pm because it is completely dark. Hubby has a reflective vest but I'm feeling like that is not safe enough.

Dinners have been decent but the leftovers are winding down. I had a turkey from last year that I was going to cook for Thanksgiving assuming I would have the family over just like always. I also bought a smoked turkey for a get together with our friends. But this year MIL decided she want Thanksgiving dinner at her house which blows all the plans with my side of the family and having our friends over. So I think I'll pull out the smoked turkey tonight and let it thaw and cook it on Saturday and leftovers for whenever. I have a little brown rice left and a few potatoes so maybe I'll cook those. I'm out of carrots, lettuce, and few other things but I'll use what I have to get by until Saturday (maybe Friday night) when I get groceries. Last night I used a lot of little this and thats from my fridge to make an inside out eggroll for our supper with a cup of pea soup from Saturday. Oh, and we started with a small salad from some lettuce that was going bad fast. I added lots of things so the salad appeared to be bigger than it was--egg, carrots, cheese and it was the best salad ever!

I've decided that I need to look into new carpet for our living room, hallway and steps going downstairs. They are a very light cream color that was there when we moved in but it captures every piece of lint, dust, spill, etc. and I really need a varigated kind of carpet. That will be the next thing we need to do. No hurry. It is high traffic and my family shuffles when they walk so it needs to be high quality.

That's my day.

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