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Monday, November 20, 2017
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Good Morning,

We had an eventful weekend.  Not entirely our events but some of them were. Not bad though.

We wanted to go on a small Saturday adventure but when we woke up one of our cats was breathing funny and seemed to be gasping. That warranted a visit to the vet right away. Turns out the wet weather with the moisture of all the rain wreaks havoc on animals and they get a congested cough which she had. A couple of injections and we could take her home again. She was lethargic all day and would not eat or drink at all. I was rather worried. I woke up during the night and brought her a bowl of fresh water and for the next half hour she worked on that water and drank every drop. She slept again until morning. Sunday morning she seems to be her self again. She's eating and drinking and doesn't have that funny raspy cough.

Then after we returned home from the vet we stopped in at my parents who were going to have the repair man look at the dryer and the fridge. The dryer was totally worn out and the seal on the fridge was something he said we could easily do. Problem was that dad had it repaired in July and it broke and the service went out of business so he can't warranty it anymore. My dad was so mad. So my hubby went to a parts place and got the correct seal and put it in for them while dad and I went looking for a new dryer. That's being delivered on Friday. A bit of an expensive day for them but it had to be done.

Sunday was a good day. It was snowing a bit on and off during the day but hubby wanted to attempt a walk. We walked 3.3 miles in the freezing cold. I have missed walking due to darkness too early and weather issues.

I'm looking forward to a short work week and a long weekend. I can think of things to do. We're going to MIL house and she making chicken pot pie for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't mind that at all. I thawed and cooked my smoked turkey this past Thursday and it was delicious. We all liked it better than a regular turkey. I reheated some for dinner yesterday when MIL came to our house for dinner. We had fried rice and mixed veggies to go with it and it was delicious.

Tonight I will make a chicken cordon bleu casserole with the rest of the smoked turkey and wide egg noodles. That sounds really good to me. I didn't need any groceries this weekend but I will stop by Aldi probably today and get some things and then be done until next week. We haven't needed a lot lately which I'm glad for.

That is all for me.

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