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Thursday, December 28, 2017
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:41:23 AM »
Is anyone home today? Knock, Knock, is someone there?

Good Morning,

No activity here on the forum for a week! Where is everyone? How about just a little stop in to update us on how you all are doing?

Other than some very, very cold weather and a lot of snow and ice we are all OK. Travel has been difficult because of the layer of ice under the snow and very cold temps. I have seen a lot of cars doing louies (sp?) in the road this week going to work. I even had a couple of times that I was slipping on the road and I even drive like an old granny!

The girls are home! But our oldest will need to go back in a week or so. We had a lovely Christmas with the whole family. We even participated in Christmas gifts this year but what was different is that me and my husband didn't have to be the 100% givers.  This year the kids all purchased and gave their own gifts so the burden was off of us parents. They weren't even big gifts but it was nice to open something this year.

We had my parents and my husbands widowed mom and my brother and his girlfriend over for Christmas dinner. It was very simple and delicious. We had a ham courtesy of my son and a big turkey courtesy of my parents. I brined the turkey and I really liked it that way. Much better than a plain turkey. I did mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and dinner rolls. Mother in law brought sweet potato casserole and  I even made turkey gravy. We had strawberries and whipped cream for dessert as well as an apple cranberry crisp.

I developed another facial allergy on Christmas Eve and we thought it was a spring/summer thing but now we know it's not. I have had all kinds of allergy testing this summer and nothing stood out as the culprit. So I have had to take allergy meds that make me tired I had to call the dr. for advice. The advice is another round of steroids. But I feel a bit better already today. I just can't seem to find the culprit. We are an old couple that does the same things and our routine rarely changes. I don't go out to eat very often and the foods we eat at home is always the same. Dust might be a contributor but I clean what I can but dust is ever present. But the allergy/rash was only on my face. Someday we will figure this out.

So how was your Christmas? I'd love to hear how things are going in your world.

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Re: Thursday, December 28, 2017
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 08:16:58 AM »
Alice nice to hear you had such a nice Christmas!

We had a great trip to Virginia to see our son and daughter in law. It was such a long drive. (about 12 1/2 hours).  And the tolls were crazy! (A total of about $40.  :o since we basically did the entire Ohio Turnpike as well as most of the Pennsylvania Turnpike)

Our trip was great.  We had such fun hanging out together.  Our daughter in law works for Amazon, so she was exhausted most of the time, but still was great about our visit.  Our son took us on a walking tour of Richmond.  They live right downtown, so we were able to walk from their apartment.  We ended up walking 6 miles.  Lots of interesting things to see there.  So much history.  Looking forward to going back when we have time to really explore some of the museums and things like that.

Our middle son is planning on proposing to his gf NYE.  We are so happy for them.  Love her tons!  So 2 out of 3 will be married soon.  Our youngest has a serious gf, so that could be on the horizon before we know it as well. 

Hubs has had last week and this week off, so we have seen a couple movies, and have had a nice time together. 
Actually headed to see Pitch Perfect 3 later today. 
Just has been nice to have him around and just hanging out.

Not really doing anything for NYE.  I don't like crowds, and just really would rather spend time at home.  We might go out tomorrow night to see a band we really  like, but I'm sure it will be crowded, so I am on the fence about that right now.
We are headed up north to my parents' house for Christmas with them tomorrow.  We are hoping that we can get back home not too late.  Both boys want to get on to their gf's so they can spend time with them.
I would like to drive back before dark if possible.

It has been crazy cold here.  Looking at more snow every day through Tuesday I guess.  Hate when we have this kind of weather over the NYE holiday.  So dangerous.  Another good reason to stay home!

Hope everyone has had a blessed holiday season so far!  Check in and let us know how you have been!
Now to laundry for me before heading to the movies!
Have a great day!
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