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Monday, February 12, 2018
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:47:11 AM »
Good Morning, friends,

How is everyone today? Looks like we missed last Friday!

Wow! What a week and weekend. Lots happened but it was for sure and up and down week. After all the funeral events hubby and I decided to just stay home and lay low. I think we needed that so Saturday afternoon and Sunday was a nice quiet couple of days for us.

We had a little problem with our snowblower so we brought that in for a repair and got it back Friday afternoon. We wished we could have had it Friday morning so we had to hand shovel all the snow we got over night. But Sunday morning we woke up to another round of snow that we were able to use our snowblower on and WOW did that work wonderfully well. It was not an engine repair but the auger that had broken. So, a new auger, and new belt and an oil change and we were happy to once again have our snow blower!

I met my little 9 month old nephew and I actually felt like a grandma instead of an aunt. I totally enjoyed interacting with him and he was such a sweet little boy. Now he and his parents have gone back home to Virginia after the funeral. I am going to miss that little guy. My mom and dad who are the grandparents (mom is 84 and dad is 86) met their grandson for the first time also and I think they are going to miss him too. If you are trying to figure out how my parents can be grandparents to a baby at their age, it's a long story. But it is how it is so we have a baby in the family.

We didn't do a lot at home while we sat and rested. I guess I did a load of laundry and baked some bread and I made a casserole so that was doing a little. We had to get a few groceries Thurs. night before all the busyness started so that was a smart choice since we couldn't possibly have wanted to do that Saturday. Tonight, there are leftovers from last week.

That's it for me. Lindsay, how is your husband doing? Cheryl, how is your mom?

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Re: Monday, February 12, 2018
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Shoot Alice! 
Your thread didn't pop up for me, so I started a Monday thread as well.   :-\
I can't figure out how to move mine into yours. 

Glad you got through the funeral and all that involves.  Good to take some time to just reflect and to be.
We all need that sometimes, especially after such an emotional time.

Nice you got to meet your new nephew.  Babies are such a joy.  Especially when you are dealing with such sadness.  They remind us that there is still reasons to be happy and thankful.

Have a good day.
Would also love to hear health updates from Lindsey and Cheryl when you have a minute.

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Re: Monday, February 12, 2018
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Alice- thanks for asking about my mom.  She came home on February 1, her birthday was on Friday the 9th.  We took her a birthday cake and visited with her a while.  She's weak, but getting stronger.  She is stubborn and says she is going to tell the home health nurse and the therapists that she doesn't need them.  I tend to disagree, but she doesn't listen to anyone.  She thinks getting back to her routine is therapy enough, and I am surprised at how she has improved since she came home.  Who knows?  Maybe she is right. ???
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