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Tues. Feb. 20, 2018
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:07:43 AM »
Good Morning,

It is a wet and flooding type of morning. We have had so much rain that there is a lot of flooded streets and a lot of very large potholes that seemed to have gotten bigger overnight. Lots of damage to cars. I hit one yesterday.

It is also very warm and I didn't sleep last night very much. Not sure if I should turn the furnace completely off or just have the fan blowing. I chose the fan blowing which really circulated the air and it felt really good. Should I throw open the windows? Not sure. It is about 60 degrees.

We had a hodgepodge of food last night. I was planning on a turkey roast with roasted potatoes and corn but hubby started a pot of spaghetti. My stomach can't handle tomato products two nights in a row so I couldn't have the spaghetti last night. As a result, we have two options of leftovers for tonight's supper. A win/win situation.

Nothing else going on today for me.

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Re: Tues. Feb. 20, 2018
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2018, 09:41:01 AM »
Good Morning Alice and any others who stop by.

60 degrees sounds so great, doesn't it?  Too back it is so rainy and gloomy outside.  At least the snow is gone.  We have that going for us anyway.

Hope your car didn't get damaged when you hit that pothole.  They are so bad this time of year, aren't they? 

My weekend plans have changed -- again!  Now, not meeting up with hubby on Friday to go to Indiana.  They are expecting rain over the weekend, so instead of a Friday/Saturday series, it will be a Thursday/Saturday series of games.  We will just head down early Saturday morning.  No hotel expense for us, so that is a positive.   Will try to watch the game on line Thursday.  Hoping it goes better this weekend than last!

Tomorrow I have my normal schedule.  Weight Watchers, walking with my friend, and then lunch. 
Hubs still out of town, so will just keep eating on the bean soup I made for dinner last night. 

I made some caramel chocolate chip muffins this morning.  They are really quite good.  Had some overripe bananas that I needed to use up, so that was a good way to do that. 

Dishwasher is done.  Put some things away upstairs that have been annoying me (finally enough to do something about it!)  ;)

Need to go to our room and sort through some clothes.  We have way too many, and I need to get rid of some of them.  Now is a good time to do that.  Gotta run the car payment out to the mailbox, so I had better get off of here and do that before the mail comes.  Our DisneyWorld magic bands are scheduled to arrive today, so I will watch for those.

Talk to you all later!
Have a great day!!
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