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Thurs. Feb. 22, 2018
« on: February 22, 2018, 07:48:00 AM »
Good Morning everyone (anyone?),

Just another day but now we're getting closer to the weekend. I feel like it has been a busy week but not because of work but because of weather, bad driving, stress on the home front, dealing with issues with college daughter (not her fault). Nothing is out of control but all needed special attention.

Last night was a scramble for dinner. The chicken turned out fine but I thought being in the crockpot on low all the day the chicken would have been cooked better. It still was a little pink. Then we had our really good salad. At the last moment I decided to make instant pot mashed potatoes so our son could package up leftovers for his weekend of work. That turned out really good. I've never had mashed potatoes after only 10 minutes of cooking. I also made a hamburger stroganoff for his weekend. My refrigerator is just about empty. I won't be getting anything at the store this weekend except the very few essentials (I'm counting 6 items). But I will fill the fridge with meals made from scratch this weekend.

The weather is breezy and cool and I think I saw snow in the forecast. I hope I'm wrong.

I also have to give my dad a haircut this weekend and maybe color my hair. It really only needs the roots by my forehead colored so I hate to do the whole thing just for the roots. I've never done a root touchup before either. I'm afraid I won't find the right color.

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Re: Thurs. Feb. 22, 2018
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 12:43:47 PM »
Hello Alice and any others who look in.

Not sure where this day has gone!  It is mid afternoon already.  I worked on some research projects for my hubs.  So, I guess that is what has been taking my time up.

So, flooding, flooding everywhere!  We are up on a hill enough, and far enough from the big river that we are ok.  Haven't ever had trouble with water.  Son didn't have school today because of the threat of flooding.  I guess they evacuated the student housing, and are expecting it to be flooded by the weekend.  My son lives in a neighborhood near Notre Dame, so he wasn't affected by that, but I wonder if his house is ok.  I texted him, but no response.  Not sure about the baseball schedule.  It is all wonky due to weather.  He updates his dad, and hubs passes info on to me, but sometimes I miss some of the communications.  I am guessing, that if they aren't playing, he has either picked up a shift at work, or is on campus helping with the sandbagging efforts.  Either that, or he is just napping.  Who knows.  I'm sure I will hear from him eventually.  His room is in their house's basement, so I hope he is not having any issues.
On a side note, one time I had heard that the weather was crazy in SB (I think it was flooding then too), and I checked on him and his response was "what? There's flooding??"  Boys!

Hoping you are wrong about the snow Alice!  I see a little rain tomorrow morning, but no snow in the app I look at.  Put on your calendar a walk for Tuesday though!  It calls for 50* and sunny.  Praying that forecast sticks! 

Still working on our Florida/Disney trip plans.  Need to put together a food and snack list of items to bring, and a shopping list for that.
Making progress, but kind of slowly.  Maybe I really need to focus and get that in order.  It will make me feel better about it to have plans.
Any suggestions for travel/road trip foods and snacks?  What do your families enjoy on trips?  It's just 2 adults, so no kiddie snack ideas necessary.

Not much else happening here.  Amazing how when you are home alone, once you clean something, it stays clean!  I do need to give the downstairs bathroom a good once over, so will go do that in a few.

**Just heard from son.  He says they are far enough from the river that they have no problems.  Was happy school was canceled today though.  I guess it doesn't matter how grown of a student you are, you still are thrilled with a day off of class!

Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening.
Would love to hear how you are all doing!
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Re: Thurs. Feb. 22, 2018
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2018, 01:40:58 PM »
Hi girls. 

Nothing going on here except taking care of VERY sick little people day and all through the night.  The fever with this is HORRIBLE!  Gauging from the fact that my skin now hurts all over my body and my face feels like I have heavy weights on each cheek, I would say all my efforts to avoid this may be failing.  My skin always hurts right before a major fever. :P  Just makes it harder to take care of everyone else is all. 

Pam, I know what you mean when you say no one is home so the house stays clean.  Everyone is sick here and not moving around, so the laundry is staying done and the kids said the groceries aren't disappearing like usual.  That is what happens when no one wants food or can hold anything down.

Nothing else on our homefront other that battling this horrible disease-like flu virus. :P :P :P

We spent the weekend truck shopping.  Looking for a "new to us" rig so we are ready for horse shows and rodeos by late spring/summer. It was funny, we went to this one lot, and just for talking with the sales guy, he gave us 10 free, really nice t-shirts.  He is really wanting our business, I'd say. ;)  It was almost 80 degrees here last weekend and into Monday.  Made me realize just how ready to get outside and get go'in I am!

Alice, sounds like while Pam is in Disney having fun, it will just be you and me.  Maybe some others will stop by and join us.  Though as bad as I am starting to feel, it may just be you, Alice. :P

Think I may put on some Netflix and attempt to lie down since I have been up the last 3 nights.

Stay well for your trip, Pam.  Sounds like it will be really fun for you. :)