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Friday, February 23, 2018
« on: February 23, 2018, 07:31:28 AM »
It's Friday!

It was kind of a fast week and kind of slow. Seems like it was just Monday and now it's Friday. Other times during the week it felt slow. Not sure how to explain it.

It's raining here again West Michigan. I thought I was snow was coming but it was rain that was coming so I must have misunderstood. There has been a lot of flooding out here and even evacuations of homes and it is so similar to the rains of 2013. Lots of road closures due to flooding.

Once again, there is nothing exciting going on for me. That's good. But I'm getting my small list of errands to do for the weekend. I ended up doing a load of laundry yesterday and I cleaned a spot on my living room carpet with oxyclean. I also cleaned a carpet runner in the family room downstairs that had what looked like droplets of a spill of some sort. I will check to see if I got that out tonight.

We finished all the leftovers last night. I hope to make a Sweet Chili Grilled Steak and Rice Bowl dinner tonight.  We don't get steak often but a few weeks ago I bought a few that looked good so we'll be using that in tonight's dinner.

Probably before dinner I will head out and get a few groceries to hold us over for the week, mostly fresh stuff and dairy. I still have plenty of other things in the pantry and freezer. We'll continue to cook from freezer and pantry as long as possible. I really want a good pot of beans this weekend for just eating with rice or making refried beans and chips. Maybe even some burritos. We'll see how the weekend goes.

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