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Friday, April 20, 2018
« on: April 20, 2018, 06:52:47 AM »
Good Morning,

Maybe we should play "knock, knock, who's there"? Spring is that you peeking around the corner. I see signs that you might like to come out and play! It is a cold morning but the sun is shining and the temps look like they might become more spring-like. We had a brief taste yesterday but the breeze was a bit chilly. Looking forward to some spring before we hit summer, right?

Had a call from my youngest daughter last night. It seems she is being stalked on facebook. She dances with the local dance society for leisure and meets a lot of people. Apparently someone wanted to connect on fb and she refused so this guy made an alias and tried again but started to say a few things that included a death wish and some other foul language. My daughter was easily able to figure out who the alias was through some analytical thinking and discovered who the real person behind the alias is. She doesn't even know the guy except for at the dance society. Hubby, a former police officer believes a crime has not yet been committed that she really can't call the police for a report. Stalking maybe but that's not quite a crime. This person obviously is very troubled and isn't getting the help he needs but to do something like this is awful.

On a different note, I'm glad it's Friday. It has felt like a long week. We have a few things to accomplish this weekend and one of those is dust and dust bunnies in the kitchen. With two cats and the normal living the kitchen is the most used room of the house. It needs a cleaning. I need to clean the windows by the sink as well since that has splatters. Just a little here and there all around the house inside and outside so we should have a fairly busy Saturday.

I grilled some turkey burgers last night and boy were those things terrible. I about gagged eating them. Not going to buy pre-made turkey burgers again. Lesson learned--no more prepackaged stuff like that because we just don't like them. I'll just stick with ground beef and that is also on my list for tomorrow. We'll probably do groceries and inside chores in the morning and outside activities in the afternoon.

I wanted to go for a walk with my hubby last night but when he came home he said he was too tired. I reminded him of last year when he didn't work FT that he would push me to walk up to 5 miles per night after my long day of work and that now he should go with me for a long walk every night. He said he feels bad but he just cannot walk after a long day of work.  He apologized for pushing me so hard last year. But now the roles are reversed and I think we should walk every night. I need to try to 10,000 steps per day so I'll keep working to see if we can ease into this for the summer. 

Supper tonight will be some leftover turkey burgers if we can handle them and then also some teriyaki chicken and rice. I made both last night just in case (thankfully, I did).

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Re: Friday, April 20, 2018
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Good morning, Alice and everyone.

Sorry to hear about your daughter.  I hope she gets that straightened out soon.  My adult daughter had an encounter with a flasher in a thrift store in Birmingham day before yesterday.  This guy followed her all over the store and stayed right on her heels even after she told him he was making her uncomfortable.  She was looking at a rack of clothes when she said she happened to hear a noise.  When she turned around she saw he had his hands on himself.  Not going to say it here, but you can imagine what he was doing.  She yelled at him and called the police, but by the time they got there he was long gone.

After a good week, I am in a slump today.  I don't know what the problem is, but I will figure it out.

Alice, we bought some Jennie-o  turkey burgers once that had pieces of plastic in them.  After that I never bought another premade.  Just can't bring myself to do it.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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Re: Friday, April 20, 2018
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2018, 07:25:04 AM »
Good Morning Alice, Cheryl and any who follow!!

So glad to see the weather forecast this morning!  So hoping they are right, and we will be getting some more Spring like weather!
Of course, we will be gone all weekend, so I am hopeful that the weather is nice where we will be as well.  Just so starving for some warmth!  Don't know if our furnace has been running so much this late into the season before.  So so tired of it!

My day is low key, and then out tonight.  It will be a late night.  But, fun I'm sure. 
So, just some general pick up around here. Will probably do a quick clean of the downstairs bathroom as well.

My goodness girls. Your daughters are both having to deal with things that nobody should have to experience.  I hope they are ok.  The world is such a messed up place.  :-\

Alice: maybe you could take the turkey burgers and cut them up and use them is a spaghetti sauce or something.  Unless they have some kind of flavoring that wouldn't let that work.  Can't stand when I pay good money for ingredients and then it is a failure on the table.  Good luck making it work for you and having it be tastier than the first go round.

Not much else around here. 
Still delving in on genealogy things.  I am a little fixated on my great great grandmother right now.  I had not been able to find information on her in the past, but stumbled on to something, and now am getting quite a bit of information.  It has been a treasure hunt for sure. 

Hope everyone has a nice day and a great weekend!
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