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Wed., May 2, 2018
« on: May 02, 2018, 09:04:57 AM »
Hello, anyone?

We had a lovely day yesterday on May 1. A true spring day with warm temperatures and just beautiful outside.

Today is not as springy because we're having scattered showers and overcast skies. The temps are supposed to be comfortable in the high 70s but I haven't been outside to confirm that yet. But we are done with snow and we're entering into spring.

I took half a day off from work yesterday. I took out a lot of my spring outdoor decor yesterday and put them up. I cleaned the screened in porch and put out the white lights on the timer button so it goes on and off itself. I washed the couch covering and the chair covering and vacuumed the floor.

I also cleaned out our bedroom. I switched all the winter clothing out and arranged the closet a bit. I also dusted our oldest daughters' bedroom because it was horrible. She doesn't live with us during the school year as she teaches out of country. Then I washed all the windows inside and out.  I would like the house to smell nice and even though I cleaned with lemon ajax, I'm just not getting that fresh smell. Any ideas? I have used the apple cinnamon gel deodorizer all over the house and that's ok but I want something with more umpff. It doesn't stink but it doesn't have that clean fresh smell either. Then I made two meals for the rest of the week that was a big tater tot casserole and then I grilled some chicken and made parmesan rice to go with that. I usually make bagel/sausage/egg sandwiches for our son when he works weekends but the price of eggs is crazy right now so I made him cold cut sandwiches instead. I used some very large buns I bought at the local Mediterranean store which were delicious. I filled the buns with ham, turkey, provolone, mayo, and honey mustard and they turned out really good. I had a half of a sandwich for lunch and the buns were excellent.

All the work and running around didn't get put into my google fit because I didn't carry my phone with me all day long doing these chores. I was running around for hours and not one step recorded. That makes me sad. So it looks like I was sedentary all day long but really I was running all over the house both inside and outside.

That's it for me.

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Re: Wed., May 2, 2018
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Hi Alice and any who might follow.

I too am enjoying the beautiful weather!  We had a nice trip to Illinois for the last ballgame.  It was so bittersweet. Looking forward to what the future holds for our son, and yet thinking about all the memories at the ballpark, and that they will be no more.  The boys (the 4 seniors are all roommates and great friends) were pretty emotional about it all.  We also had a tough loss.  Our son gave up a 3 run homerun in the 8th inning that ended up costing us the game.  He said his arm and hand were numb and that he couldn't feel anything.  It has been a long season for him. He was okay with it considering everything.

Today was my regular weight watchers meeting, walk and lunch.  It was raining after the meeting, so we went downtown to walk inside the skywalk, but once we got downtown, the rain had stopped. So we decided to walk outside.  All was good until it started sprinkling!  We actually didn't get too wet.  It was short lived, and didn't get too heavy.  Was good to be outside.

I really need to figure out what we can have for dinner. 
I also need to start the laundry.  Monday is usually my laundry day, and since I have been all over the place, I am behind on that.
Would like to do a quick pedicure if I can squeeze that in as well.

Just started a book, so would like to get into that if I can.

We are going up north this weekend so it seems.  I am hoping it can be a relaxing time, but looks like we have a bunch of events and commitments to attend.  Hoping for the best.

Need to search out my spring/summer clothes and see what I have, what I need and what I can get rid of.  Will need to put away my winter stuff. (at least most of it. - you never know with our crazy weather!)

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening everyone!
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