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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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Good Morning,

Where is everyone? Lots of ladies must be really busy right about now. Lots of spring activities, gardening, perhaps some deep cleaning or renovations and maybe even some vacations.

Me, not so much going on. I took Friday off from work and the wind turned horrible and blew lots of problems around town. I did errands and a lot of home cleaning. My biggest disappointment was changing the bed sheets to the cooler ones and my very expensive only two year old sheets made my Woorich has worn out spots on them with a big worn patch. I didn't even notice that when I put them away for the winter. They are absolutely worn out and not a rip. I have only had them barely two years. There is not a warranty on the packaging (I still have those) and really no website for bedding. I'm rather upset. Now I need some ideas on bedsheets that are cool, crispy and long lasting. I don't like the soft one but rather a good crisp summer sheet.

I cleaned out the porch which I shouldn't be doing due to allergies but I did it anyway and had zero reaction to anything. I cleaned the house, did lots of laundry and ended up at the Secretary of State office to replace my license plate because the wind blew the lettering off from the plate leaving me with a damaged plate worthy of a traffic stop. Cost me $5 to get that replaced.

Next week is a very busy week for me. My daughter's college is ending for the semester so we have to get her moved out of her apartment and back home, and then there is graduation activities toward the end of the week with graduation on Saturday. The weeks are flying by so quickly.

We did a couple of meals on the old grill. It was having trouble starting last summer so we bought a new one this spring. We then started the old one and now it starts every time but the protection over the element is broken and the grilling rack is falling apart. We tried to get parts but the design is different now that they don't make parts anymore for that old of a grill. We'll use it for now and when it really gets bad, hubby said he would gut it out and see if he can just make all new inside parts and not try to match old and new parts. He said it would be a fun project to see if he can build a new grill. He can take his time since we have the new one. We had some very good chicken on the grill using a dry rub that I found online. It is so good. There was a whole list of ingredients that I didn't think would go good together but it was rather amazing.

Not much else going on. How's your day shaping up?

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