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Monday, May 14, 2018
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Good morning,

It's raining, a lot. We've had plenty of rain lately and everything is so nice and green but it doesn't look like it will be over until the last round comes through later tonight. Then we will have a few days of sunshine.

It's going to be a busy week for me. My colleague is taking off this whole week but I have so much going that it will be hard to work all day and then do what has to be done at night. It's the last week of undergrad school for my youngest so she needs to finish exams early this week and then we move her home on Wed. Friday is graduation activities for her and a parents picnic that I'm going to go to. My parents also leave for a vacation to the Netherlands to visit relatives. I'm rather nervous about that because they are in their mid-80s but my brother is going with them. On Saturday is graduation so that should be fun since it's our last graduation (at least from undergrad schools).

On Saturday we thought we lost our cat. I know she tries to sneak outside whenever the door opens and we were sure she got out on Sat. morning. We had errands to run so we called for her and she didn't come. She always runs to us when we call her. We called her for a long time both inside and outside and she never came--for a couple of hours. We were so sad. I did the errands alone while hubby stayed home looking for her. Nothing. We decided to thoroughly look through the house and found her sleeping, curled up in a ball on our daughters bed, blending in with the comforter. She never answered us because she was sleeping so soundly for many, many hours. She was inside the entire time.

We were alone for Mother's day yesterday but we had a nice day. I made a beef roast, beef risotto, and green beans. We had strawberries on sponge cake with whipped cream for dessert. All of the food was purchased from the discount rack. Sounds terrible but that is how I shop. I got some green beans that needed to be sorted through and strawberries that needed to be looked over carefully. Even the beef roast was discounted but it was the best roast we've had in a long time. The rice was made with broth from the roast and some broth I kept from the instant pot when I cooked something earlier this week. I think I got the bag of rice on a discount rack a few weeks ago.

I also got six pkgs. of mushroom discounted. They didn't look bad at all. When I got home, I rinsed them while looking them over, then I sliced them and sauteed them. I let them drain then I spread them out on a cookie sheet to flash freeze. I like frozen mushrooms for stir fry, pizza and even for a breakfast omelet. Maybe I should get a dehydrator.

On Saturday we had rain also but by late afternoon it had stopped and it was drying out so I mowed our very long grass. I'm so glad I did because it really couldn't have gone many more days without a cut.

Other than that we had a good weekend.

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