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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Good Afternoon,

What a lovely day today has become. Delicious.

I'm in the middle of a very busy week. Handled a few things already this week and even today. Tonight is packing daughter up from college to move home. This is the last time of moving kids into and out of campus housing. More stuff even later tonight but one by one I'm knocking the busy week off the list.

We had our underground sprinkling system checked out and activated. I was very nervous since we didn't run it last year due to all the work outside that included a lot of digging. But it turned out very nicely. It came with the house so we might as well use it. It beats dragging hoses all over the yard.

We had an awesome couple of meals the last two nights. Homemade pizza using little leftovers that were tucked in the fridge. I made a wonderful dough and the reason it was wonderful was that I was able to let it rise better because of unexpected company that night. I shaped it and then didn't have time to get back to it until about an hour later. My company stayed to eat it also. Last night was a pork lo mein using a pkg. of lo mein noodles my neighbor gave me. It was a very large pot of food that made 6 good portioned meals with a bit leftover. Three suppers last night and three lunches for today. All using kitchen refrigerator and freezer bits and pieces.

Tonight will be interesting for supper. I won't be around to make it so we'll see if the men come up with something or if they will make something just for themselves. My daughter and I will be home by 6 pm so we'll see what the boys come up with (or not).

I've been sleeping much better lately. The periods of hot aren't so prominent anymore. Makes me wonder if they were hot flashes at all. It felt like and electric poke heat (although I don't know what that even is) that just touched me and I would feel like I was frying and then it would be gone. It seems like something inside me that was misfiring and now has regulated itself. Or is that wast a hot flash is? I still am warm at night but not that instant poke hot feeling, rather I just prefer sleeping cooler than warm.

So that's my update.

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