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Thurs. May 24, 2018
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:44:34 AM »
Happy Thursday!

We've had a lovely week of some nice weather (after Monday). It has been pleasant and nicely warm. I took 1/2 day off from work yesterday to see what I could do around the house.

The first thing was to find a few things in the freezer to make a big pot of spaghetti sauce. Then I made a tater tot casserole. I inventoried a bit and decided I did not need any groceries. I then went to drop of recycling and to the grocery store to get cat food and a free bottle of ketchup. I decided to get a container of cottage cheese because we like that with our spaghetti.

I then stopped at the greenhouse to buy some herbs plants and flowers to get ready to plant my pots on the weekend sometime. I also needed some potting soil to freshen up the soil. I use the soil from previous years and freshen it up with fresh. So all my pots are freshened and are waiting for the flowers and herbs to be planted.

Then I noticed that everyone in the neighborhood was mowing their grass and much to my dismay, ours needed it also so that's what I did. With all the rain, sunshine and nice weather, the grass is growing like crazy and it was in need of a mowing.

I got all the laundry folded and put away from people washing it but never folding it nor putting it away. I wanted to vacuum the carpet and mop the kitchen floor but time escaped me.

My daughter leaves next week for her summer internship in Connecticut. I'm excited for her. But I know her well and adjustments are very difficult for her so the first couple of weeks will be that time of adjustment. She'll be living on a yacht for the summer. Not sure what happens when the internship is done. Hoping for grad school acceptance for the fall. If not, she will have to find work quickly.

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