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Wednesday, May 30
« on: May 30, 2018, 08:38:04 AM »

It's been a while since anyone has posted, so I am guessing you are all enjoying your summer.

Hard to believe it is almost June. We have had rain for days now, and today looks like more of the same. My garden will be a mess of weeds before it dries out enough for me to get back in it to work. I need to cut my dill and dry it.  I picked some squash yesterday and early this morning before the rain. My tomatoes look terrible, but we will do what we can and not stress over it too much.

I am having rare alone time.  Emily is babysitting and Tony is working.  I am glad Emily has decided she wants to earn her own money and save up for some things she wants.  We have been invited to go to the beach with my mother, sister, and nephew in a couple of weeks.  That babysitting money will probably come in handy then.

Well, guess I need to find something to do and get busy. I cleaned the house yesterday, so that's caught up.  I have a load of laundry going and after I finish that I might just take some time to enjoy the quietness.     
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Re: Wednesday, May 30
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2018, 11:21:05 AM »
Hi Cheryl (and any others who might follow). Good to see you!

I have been off my computer for about a week now.  My updating project of living and dining rooms is almost complete.  The painting is done. Took way longer than I had hoped, but other than a couple of touch ups it is done.  Carpet in pulled up.  All the tacks and nails and such have been pulled, and we reconditioned the floor.  Would loved to have totally refinished it, but just didn't have the time or money to do that right now.   Hopefully most of the worst of it will be covered by the rugs we have coming.

Today I need to replace all the outlet and switch covers as well as the heating grills and such.  That shouldn't take too long.  I also have a side table/bookshelf that I will clean off and straighten so I can get it put back where it belongs.  Furniture is being delivered on Friday, so I need to be ready by then.

Went to my weight watchers meeting this morning, and then walked with my friend.  It was in the 80's already, and was quite a heated walk.  Was glad we went, but wow.  It was sweaty!  Grabbed lunch, and then came home.  Now I am doing a quick internet check, and will get back to getting things done.  My dining room table is covered in a bunch of I don't know what, so that needs to be dealt with as well.

Cheryl, I hope your rain slows down so you can get back to your gardening!  I need to get some flowers and plants, but I haven't even thought about it since I have this other project going.  My brain can't handle both at the same time!   ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying yourselves whatever you are up to.  Would love to hear all about it!
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Re: Wednesday, May 30
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2018, 12:43:19 PM »
Good afternoon!

I am having a cup of coffee after a short siesta. We are having a doozy hot summer already and I am feeling the need to get up early and then have a little afternoon nap. The Spaniards have it right, I think. Maddy has been at her camp job since Saturday and Micah is at referee camp, so I took Max hiking with me this morning. We left the house at 7 and began hiking just after 7:30 to beat the heat. We're supposed to hit 100 today (with humidity) so getting out early is the only way to go. We did about 3 miles and had a nice time.

I am trying to think of my next mini decluttering project. I have a wooden wall thing with two  places to put mail or other papers and cleaned those out yesterday. Trying to do a small step every day. I need to put a fresh coat of paint on at least two dining room walls, then do the hallway from scratch including primer. But just cannot begin with those right now.

Mallory has her library shift 3-6 (she works three days there as a teen volunteer), then Earl and I may attend an informational meeting about a new university model Classical school opening up about 30 minutes from here. Considering it for Max next year. Dinner tonight is marinated salmon, maybe with potatoes cooked with onions and zucchini. Or else sweet potatoes and another veggie.

Pam, how exciting to have so much work done toward your updated space. Sounds like it will look lovely!
Cheryl, enjoy that time alone! You deserve it. Your upcoming trip sounds like fun!