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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:40:44 AM »
Good Morning everyone,

Anyone around this week or are you all on vacation?

We're home and working but we all have tomorrow off. That never happens so we'll be sure to enjoy the day.

Last night we got our very overgrown lawn mowed, swept and trimmed. With all the warm weather lately we have been sprinkling but haven't mowed for a while. The lawn needed it badly. So now it looks good again.  The neighbors small tree got partially blown over during a Sunday evening storm. I see it had been split some time ago but now it got blown down to ground level into our yard. I asked if we could cut those branches off and she agreed so we did that last night. It was a small tree.

So we've been busting through our freezer this past month of June. Not much in the way of grocery shopping but rather eating the goodies from the freezer. I did go to an Amish bulk food store and got a few things I want for the pantry like beans, rice, spices, some flour, pasta and a few other things. I love going to this particular bulk food store. It's a two hour drive from home and we do this once or twice a summer/fall.

We have been making a lot of my daughter's favorite foods while she is home this summer. Luckily we don't have to buy specific items for her favorites. I also have to get back into cooking for 4 adults again. Plus, I need to make sure to have extra for my son's weekend work so all leftovers are put into freezer containers and then when he works he has a variety from which to pick from. He needs three meals per weekend and if I plan well enough I can make some this week and in two weeks he'll have a variety to pick from. Sometimes, I think I'm making enough only to find out everyone was very hungry and ate it all.

I had made a corned beef casserole late last week and there wasn't enough for a full meal so his freezer meal was half casserole and half rice, sausage, veggie stir fry. Oh well, I tried my best. He will still enjoy it. Casseroles are really nice but I have put in a baked potato with pork roast but I'm not sure how the potato will be when thawed.

We'll do some grilling tomorrow. Daily Deals (a reduced price grocery store) had some really good Tbone steaks last week that I bought and froze so I'll try those tomorrow. Maybe some burgers or pork steak while we're grilling for the next few days. Not sure about sides yet. I'll have to ask what they want. Maybe some baked beans but I don't want to buy ingredients so it should come from the pantry. We're still tightening up for some big bills that come annually in July and August so it should be a limited spend month.

Not much else going on in my world.

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Re: Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Hello, Alice.  I am around, but find myself doing more reading than posting.

I usually check in while I have my coffee in the mornings before I get busy with my garden work.  This time of year is busy with the weeding, picking, and canning and freezing of all the fruits and vegetables.  Every summer I say I am not gardening next year, but every spring I cannot wait until it's time to plant.  Go figure.  :)

I have been making pickles.  We only have four cucumber plants but they are producing a lot.  I have to pick them at least every other day.  Our squash did so well that we were able to eat a lot fresh, freeze some for winter, and still have a lot to give away.  The tomatoes are getting ripe now and I have canned a few jars of salsa.  I hope to can more next week.  My peppers are loving all the rain and hot weather we are having.  My wax beans did pretty good but they are done and we pulled up the plants.  I haven't decided what, if anything, we will plant in their place.

We haven't been buying many things from the grocery store this summer.  Our freezers are still packed with some things I want to use up before restocking.  I haven't seen any good sales on things either.  A new grocery store opened up in the little town closest to us, but we were disappointed after checking it out.  Prices are higher than I was expecting so I guess we will continue to drive a bit further to have a better selection of stores to shop.  But not until we eat down what we have in the freezers.

Emily is staying overnight and tomorrow with my mother-in-law.  Tony and I are planning on going to Tennessee and maybe checking out the produce auction to see what they have for sale.  I would like to get some October beans to can.  The ones I planted have maybe one good picking left on them and then we will pull them up.

Well, that's about it for my little world.  Hope you all have a great 4th!
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