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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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Good Morning (for a few minutes more anyway!),

What a life! It just is crazy and it doesn't slow down! It's all just normal living and nothing bad or extravagant happening either. 

Just busy at work and at home and the heat makes it feel harder to accomplish things. We had a small break from the heat over the weekend but it started to climb up again and will be hot at least for the next week.

The family has been plowing through our freezer foods and I an almost unable to keep up with meals. Everyone is working hard so no one can find the time to cook except when they get home and then I'm home so I just start making our meals. Sometimes, it is late before anyone is even able to get anything started. Last night, I had boneless, skinless chicken thighs thawed but wasn't exactly sure what to make from them. When I got home I had other things to tend to first but then the two adult kids thought chicken, broccoli alfredo sounded good. So I quickly grilled the chicken and my daughter monitored the pasta and broccoli cooking and within 45 minutes we had a wonderful meal. BUT, no leftovers so tonight we start again there were no leftovers for anyone's lunch nor anything to freeze for son's weekend work. I don't think alfredo pasta would have frozen so well anyway.

I emptied out all our homemade salad dressing of ranch and french dressings. I'm out of potatoes, sour cream, milk, coffee cream and a few other things. So I might need to go set a small amount of groceries later tonight. I have a half a bottle of caramel sauce in the refrigerator and I'm trying to find out if I could make that into a caramel coffee cream. I haven't found a recipe yet but I'll keep trying. I'd sure like to use it up. We had a gallon container of ice cream in the freezer that I bought at the beginning of spring and we just finished it so I guess we're not big ice cream eaters and having the caramel for ice cream looks like it could stay in the fridge for years if I don't find another use for it.

We're trying to keep up with watering our plants and our few herbs but they just don't seem to be doing so well. The grass is green because we water it but there are some spots that are quite crunchy and brown.

My vacation begins a week from this Friday and I'm pretty excited to go. Just me and my oldest daughter going to visit my youngest daughter.

That's my boring life. Just the same old, same old.

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