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Monday, Sept. 10. 2018
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Hello Ladies!

Anybody out there?  This past week has been pretty much a normal week for me.  Over the weekend we went to the opening VIP night of a new restaurant/brewpub in town.  Had a nice time with a couple friends who went with us.  So So many people there though!  Kind of anxiety inducing for me, but I feel like I weathered it pretty well. 

Saturday we went to the minor league playoff game locally.  They lost, and then lost yesterday, so their season is over.  It was fun to go, but it was pretty chilly, and I just wore a sweatshirt and jeans.  I was underdressed.   I should have known better!  But, we had fun anyway. 

Yesterday our son and his fiancee (the only one of our kids who still actually lives in the same state as us!!) came over just to visit and watch football.  I made a big pot of chili.  We had a nice visit.  Such a relaxing day just spending time together.  It has been so long since we have had such a day.  This week is going to be fairly quiet.  At least it seems like it is going to at this point.   Hubby is ramping up to be hitting the road for work again soon.  He has a couple of events he has to attend, but I don't think those require me to go, so I am relieved about that.  I can feel fall a coming!  I love fall, but it is the start of my personal "hibernation" mode.  I can feel myself struggling to think about being "out there". 

Today I have been busy already.  Went to the dollar store to grab a few needed things, and then went to get a haircut.  After that, I drove up the meat market to pick up some lean ground sirloin that was on sale.  We were really low on ground beef, so I wanted to grab some while it was a good price.

Now I need to pay a few bills, do some meal planning, and do a couple other minor things around here.

Hope everyone is having a great start to your week!
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