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Thursday, October 11, 2018
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Brrrr...Hmm, the temps have taken a nose-dive and it's pretty chilly here in West Michigan.  Windy, overcast, chilly, and perhaps even some frost this weekend. Not liking this at all.

I have a big crock pot of apples cooking down into applesauce today. Last night's meal plan was a disaster. I had a few unexpected things at work that I got home much later than normal and the though our meat was thawed, it wasn't being cooked. So I ended up using two pressure cookers (that's a story on why and how I have two of them!!!). Once was for corned beef and the other ended up with chicken legs and thighs. I was going to have corned beef but that takes 90 minutes to cook and the chicken was supposed to be for the weekend. But, I had to change it to chicken last night since the cooking time was only 15 minutes. But since I also cooked the corned beef, I made a corned beef/noodle casserole which we'll eat tonight. And now the weekend plans have to revised. Ahhhh, shucks.

I watch a few youtube vlogs on frugal families, cooking vlogs and that sort of thing. I see a few gals are sent products to review. So I contacted Cosori and asked if I could review a pressure cooker. Sure! But then they wanted to know what kind of social media I used--youtube, facebook, blog, vlog, etc. Hmm, I don't so a single one of those. Well, she said, "those are our rules". So I thanked her and went on my way. I guess a review is really a means of marketing their product. She emailed me back later and said the management would make an exception and send me one to review. But I don't know how to get my review back to them because they didn't have a set of reguirements for me to follow.

I decided to do my own review and you ladies are my audience! It's actually a very comparative product to IP but it has a few better things. It's cheaper, it comes with an extra seal and a crock pot lid whereas IP you have to buy the extra items. I can even get you all a discount on a Cosori 9 in 1 which is the top of the line right now. I was pleasantly surprised at the extras and my testing last night was a quicker come up to pressure than the IP. It also has a red pin and it sticks up higher when it is up to pressure which is nice. But overall, they function the same way. If I were going to buy one today, I might just get the Cosori.  I'll be doing a side by side test with chicken this weekend to see how they compare.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to send it back once I am done with the review but I'll contact the gal.

Other than all this excitement, we've had power outages Sat. evening and then again on Tuesday evening for several hours each time. Not sure what was going on. I have my volunteer night tonight so the week has really turned out to be a very busy one. I sure need a weekend!


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