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Monday, November 12, 2018
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Good afternoon,

Where is everyone this mid-November day? We got winter this weekend. The temps really dropped and we had snow, ice, and very cold temps all weekend long. I had Friday off and I'm glad I was off because the morning was quite slippery. Mid-morning we ran out to do our errands and then my parents came over and brought me a 25 lb. turkey! I wasn't going to make a turkey this year but then they brought and super-sized one that I can hardly get into my freezer. I'm even wondering if my oven can hold a bird that size.

We had a busy weekend with my daughter and her fiancee over for the weekend and his sister checking out a local college. Then their mother drove 5 hours to pick her up and another 5 hours to drive home. We visited MIL on Sat. night and then she came over for dinner on Sunday. So we were kept busy. There was a ton of laundry generated and lots of food to be made. And we even got our house vacuumed and mopped. We will repeat this entire scenario this coming weekend with the exact same guests and the exact same activities!

So, I decided to go ahead and meal plan for the week. I really don't meal plan because I'm pretty good at winging meals. I just felt like winging was more like last-minute-rush-around trying to get it done. So I shopped my very full freezer for things I'll need this week and will make what I have planned each day this week. The only problem with that is sometimes after work, I might not want what's on the menu and need to do something different. I'm excited to try this.

When my husband and I were married I enjoyed simmering pots with potpourri in water in a pot over a votive candle. I forgot it was on once and ran out for a quick haircut with my husband who was in a wheelchair then. When we got home it had caught fire and the flames were a foot tall and very close to the living room curtains. We caught it in time but the house could have burned down. I vowed never to have a simmering pot again. Well, 2017 and 2018 my adult kids decided candles were a nice addition and I have also been burning candles. I really like them. I'm scared at the same time but we are very much reminded of that day nearly 32 years ago. We only light them on a coffee table in full view of everyone and we question each other making sure they have been blown out before we leave.

Come on and join the chatter, anyone, everyone!

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