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Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2018
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Good Morning!

Happy Day after Christmas!

We had only two of the three kids home for Christmas but the other one with her fiancee will join us this coming weekend. We did do a few little gifts for everyone and really enjoyed that time together.

My husband I purchased a new-to-us vehicle a couple of weeks ago. His van was 15 years old and we had it for 14 years but it was rusting so bad that finally parts of the van were falling off while we drive along. The engine was fine but the body was just rusting everywhere. So we purchased a 3 (almost 4) year old vehicle. Then a couple of weeks ago I took a day off for Christmas shopping and when my husband came home for lunch the garage door cable was hanging loosely. The spring had sprung and needed to be replaced. We have what is called a drive-through garage so we have a garage door on the front and one on the back. Both of them were over 30 years old and so the garage door repair guy replaced both units entirely more for safety sake. They are very quiet now. And my husband's newer vehicle has a programmable garage door opener built right into his vehicle so he doesn't even need a remote!

We had a nice relaxed easy-going Christmas day yesterday. We continued using food from our freezer to make our Christmas meal and it was plentiful and delicious. I bought a turkey breast with a gravy packet months ago from Aldi and my son received a ham from his work. Then I received a large 20 lb. bag of potatoes from the food pantry I volunteer at since they would go bad if they didn't get taken. We had green beans from Dad's garden that I froze and I made a really good raspberry pretzel dessert. We also made some dinner rolls that were very, very good. My coffee pot (percolator) had the bottom detach from the pot so I think it is on the way out. I was able to put it on and made a pot of coffee but I'm afraid it will fall off and perhaps hurt someone with burns. I unplugged it at 2 pm and at 5 pm the side of the pot was still burning hot. NOrmally that cools down much quicker. Something is wrong with it.

We also had a green and mild Christmas day. I'm just fine with that. My daughter from Honduras was home and she wanted a white Christmas because where she lives it is hot all the time. I think cool temps with no snow is good for her instead of a very wintery temps. She has a little cold so I don't want it to get worse.

I'd love to hear how everyone is doing! Not a lot of activity going here so lets talk a bit about our Christmas days. I will say that we aren't going to make a bit deal out of New Years either. No spend is on my agenda. We have a nicely packed freezer so we'll work through that and my daughter wants to help make some meals together with me so I'm looking forward to that.

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