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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:42:38 AM »
Good morning,

I've taken time off from here due to lots of family coming and going during the Christmas and New Year's break but also there didn't seem to be anyone here. Glad to see a few posts again!

Today, we dropped out daughter off at the airport to go back home. She's been home a little over 2 weeks but it's time to get back to work. I have a lot of cleaning I want to do with all the visitors but I'm afraid it might not be this week.  At least I'll pull the bedding off the beds that were used.

I don't make resolutions but I like to think of things to ponder during the year. We have been practicing finding the "bright side" during the last couple of months and it is interesting that if you deliberately think about finding the bright side to something that is dark and dreary it makes you think positively instead of negatively. We'll keep this one around for a while. Another thing I want to practice is to be very intentional about things. To me that just means to be aware of my decisions and my thoughts.

Our meals during the holidays all came from the freezer, pantry and refrigerator. We did a number on the food and I see a dip in my freezer levels. We will be very intentional about this going forward. Same with the pantry--I've seen a lot of items get used. The goal is to reduce the amount in both of them. Well, and because we're feeling a bit pinched especially as we have used a bit of savings with having to purchase a newer vehicle and the garage door openers breaking. But I know there are others out there that have it worse and I'm sad for that.

I'm trying very hard to try to lose some weight this early in the new year. The tummy pouch is not good and my weight isn't terribly overweight but I have to lose a few pounds. The kids often buy things and then don't like it so it goes into my pantry. I can't waste food so I'm left to eat it. Things like high protein banana nut oatmeal. I'm sure that is good for you so I'm working through that.

We did some purging during the last part of the year and I know there are many more things that can be brought to Goodwill. Things I used to use all the time are no longer being used like an electric frying pan, magic bullets that are very old and some utensils. We finally got rid of two desktop computers that are now unsupported and were used by the kids when they were in middle school and high school. Time to get rid of that old slow stuff. We used to have to keep calendars from hubby's work so he could look back at court dates and so on. He no longer works at that job but we still keep calendars. Time to pitch them.

That's about it for me.

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Re: Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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Hello Alice and any others who follow.

My day has been moving right along.  Time goes so quickly!  I didn't have too much on my agenda for the day, so I have gotten most things accomplished.

I do have a small area at the top of the stairs has some things gathered, so I want to get those things put away, or find a home for them.  We tend to gather things that don't really have a definite home, and they just sit around gathering dust.  I might just grab a garbage bag and toss the lot!

I am trying to get us to eat at home more frequently.  It is something that I need to be intentional about it.  Hubs is quick to say "lets go eat somewhere", and financially we really need to cut back on that.  We have some major wedding expenses coming up, and then with the grandbaby coming in April, I will want to be able to go down to NC when that happens.  I want to cut all the expenses that we can to finance those things.
I just have to be more firm about staying home, and not take the easy route of somebody else cooking! 

So, we are having a Chicken Enchilada soup for dinner.  I like to have soup on Tuesdays most of the time, because Wednesday mornings is my weigh in day at WW.  Soup tends to be light enough that it doesn't mess around with my weight like some heavy or salty foods can.

We are going to the Broadway show "School of Rock" tonight.  It's a show we've never seen, so I am looking forward to that. 

Hope all of you are having a great day.
Would love to hear what all of you are up to.
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