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Friday, Jan. 25, 2019
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Hello Ladies:

Hope all of you are doing well.  We got another blast of snow and super cold air.  Most schools in the area are closed.  Not our district, but most of the ones in the surrounding area.  I am staying cozy in at home.

Trying to decide what to make for dinner.  Maybe a pot of chili.  Will have to see if I have any ground beef in the freezer.  I really need to do an inventory of what is in there.  Not today though.  The freezer is in the garage, and it is way to cold out there to do anything more that quick grab what I need, or run to jump in the car!

I have a celebration to go to tomorrow afternoon.  My dear friend and her husband have adopted a little boy.  They had been his foster parents pretty much since his birth, and was allowed to adopt him in December.  Some of our girlfriends are having a get together to celebrate for them.  I am hoping the roads are okay for me to be able to go.  My HS bestie is planning on coming to my house and we will go together.  It will be good to spend some time catching up with her. 

Today I did some computer work, and now need to do a quick once over in the downstairs bathroom.  Other than that, the house is in pretty good shape.  I did a good over all cleaning in prep for son & dil's visit.  Have been pretty diligent about keeping it straight.  I could do a quick dusting of a couple spots as well.

Would love to hear about what all of you are up to.
Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!
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