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Friday, February 1, 2019
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Good Morning, everyone!

Did everyone get a week of interesting weather like we did? We are coming down from the polar vortex here in West Michigan. We've had some of the coldest, snowiest weather we've had in a LONG time. We've had temps around -10 but the wind chill up to about -45 or -50 F during this week. I think all the schools in W. Michigan were closed and so were many businesses. My offices were only open on Tues. but they told us to go home early and we're working today. Three days off is unheard of. Today is still very cold with temps at about 2 F. Then we're in for a warming trend that will bring us up close to 50 F on Monday. That could be really bad so I'm not sure what to think. Right now the roads are completely ice, even highways so if we add rain and warm temps. we might have some serious issues.

My husband and son both needed to work and it was pretty scary. I was home alone and got a little cabin fever. I did have to go get a prescription one morning and some milk but that was about it for me. I don't think I'll be good at retirement.

Our food levels were just fine because we're still trying to eat as much from the freezer and pantry. I see a dent being made in the freezer and am using a lot of things that found their way to the bottom. I thought I was almost out of tomatoes but I dug through to the bottom and found several containers. I also thought I was almost out of green beans but dug a bunch up from the bottom. I have beets and red cabbage and I really need to find a good way to serve beets. I like them but the leach red all over. Same with the red cabbage. I also found a piece of pork that we bought because it was on sale but it is a tougher piece of pork. I ground that up and made pork spaghetti. It was very good. I also had two pie crusts and a couple of apples that were wrinkly. We had an apple tart which was a huge hit.

I shoveled and snow blowed the driveway several times per day but it was much safer to be inside. One night we received an emergency alert that asked us to turn down our furnaces because a station that provides the natural gas had a fire so they needed to reroute the gas to the other stations so they could get us gas consistently. Thankfully a lot of people complied and now a couple of days later, we've been given the OK to raise out temps. again. I figured I could easily put on an extra sweater and put blankets out for our cats to crawl up on. We were fine.

Tell us about how you are doing! Would love to hear from someone today.

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