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Thursday, May 16
« on: May 16, 2019, 06:10:15 AM »
Good morning!

I woke to the sound of one of my cats hacking up a hair ball.  Nothing makes me jump out of bed faster than that.  This particular cat has long hair so unfortunately he has lots of hair balls, even with being brushed.

I am enjoying my coffee while formulating my game plan for the day.  I need to run to the store for a few things like paper towels, toothpaste, dish soap.  I wonít be buying any food because thereís plenty here even though it might not be what they want.  I need to make a plan.  Iíve been sort of winging it when it comes to supper.  Last night Emily fixed fettuccine Alfredo.  I donít eat pasta so I ate leftover green beans and the new potatoes my dad dug up for me on Sunday.  Thereís not much better than new potatoes fresh from the garden!

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Re: Thursday, May 16
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Good Morning,

Yesterday afternoon created a HUGE stress moment for me. Previously, I wrote we needed to get our garage/barn out back re-roofed due to leakage. That has been arranged and my son called me yesterday afternoon at work and said that while he was gone, the products for the roofing was delivered and they put it on the house roof not that garage/barn roof out back! I called the roofer and told him what had transpired and he assured me they would come back and correct that and they did later in the day. Not helpful at all as I deal with stress and a little anxiety. This whole deal will be stressful for me until it is done. Today they plan to do the job.

Cheryl, we also have a geriatric cat who also tends to vomit a lot. She sleeps on our headboard and when we hear her starting we need to jump fast so it won't land on us or our bedding. She's been to the vet and we could do a lot of testing but I'm not paying the big bucks for that.

I am formulating my weekend plans. My hubby's job this week was to put up some kind of shelving in our double slide reach-in bedroom closet. It is much too small of a closet for two people but it is the only closet we have. The former owners had the wire shelving that had brackets underneath to brace them in. Those brackets took so much room away from storage that I need to get rid of those. I asked hubby to build some shelving which he is just finishing today. We now have two shelves that use the space so much more efficiently. He has two hanging rods on his side and I have one with more shelving. He has one shelf. It looks like this will work so much better.

Tomorrow, I hope to have a finished non-leaking garage/barn so my hopes are to put things back into their respective barns and do some good cleaning out and purging of junk we've been storing. That will be a dirty job. I also need to get some fresh veggies, milk and a few other things for use during the week. Along the way we need to stop at the local recycling center to recycle and then maybe hit two stores that we know mark down meats in the morning. Maybe we'll do that first and then tackle the dirty part of the day.

Our recycle center is scheduled to close June 30 and I'm pretty sad about that since I recycle so much. Now I have to put all that stuff in the trash as I have no other options. Apparently it costs them too much to recycle so they opted to close.

I'm fresh out of ideas for dinner tonight. It will be a crazy busy day today on the homefront but I'm working all day so I won't be home. Hubby is home this morning but not this afternoon. I hope the roofers can do their work without supervision. Or else I need to come home which I really cannot do. Very stressful. In light of all this, I have nothing planned for dinner tonight. It might have to be hotdogs (I found 3 pkgs. in the freezer!) but those are not my favorite food. Or maybe a big salad which I do have. Or maybe just an omelet.

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