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Monday, May 20
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:14:32 AM »
Good morning!

I donít have anything new or exciting to report so I will just ramble. ;D

Way back at the end of March one of my cousins called me and asked if I would be her diet buddy.  We are close to the same age but are so different from one another.  She wanted to go back on weight watchers but do it at home instead of the meetings.  I told her I would try it with her, so we began.  Every week she would call with her update and I would tell her how she was doing a great job.  She lost 20 pounds fairly quickly and I was struggling along like a weight loss turtle, half a pound here, quarter of a pound there.  Remember I said we are so different?  Well, she got burned out and started skipping meals so she could save all of her points for Mountain Dew, then she took the weekend off and regained 9 pounds. I stuck with it, and have only lost almost 17 pounds.  Itís realistic for me, as Iím a slow loser to begin with, and I cook and eat with my family.  Iím trying to make this work without buying special ingredients.  She mustíve quit because I havenít heard from her in a few days, but Iím not stopping.  Guess I will just keep plugging along doing what Iím doing. 

Well, enough rambling from me.  How did your weekend go?   
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Re: Monday, May 20
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Hi Cheryl!

Not a good weekend for us. With all the pollen being blown around I have been hit in the face with itchy irritating allergy rash. I get this every year and I live on allergy pills and it still takes a long time for the red irritating itchy rash to go away.

On top of that our roofing company has been nothing but a nightmare. They had a lot of good ratings but have not done a good job for us. We called them to fix a few things but now they are getting upset with us. We have been thinking about this all weekend long.

I have a routine colonoscopy this week and the prep for that is making me nervous. I hate that kind of stuff but it is something that has to be done.

Lots of things to raise the blood pressure so I have to find a way to relax to get the BP down.


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