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Wednesday, May 29
« on: May 29, 2019, 07:37:57 AM »
Good morning!

Itís going to be another hot day down here.  Weíre already experiencing temperatures like we usually have in late summer.  Our old house doesnít have central air and one of our window unit ACís went out, so weíre left with trying to cool off with one air conditioner.  Maybe this payday we can get another one. 

Well, my days are not exciting.  I have nothing new to report.  My husband and I have decided that this is the year we get projects completed around our house.  We have lived here nine and a half years and itís high time.  He works every evening after work trying to get our new roof on.  I am concentrating on getting the inside of our house the way I want it.  It just feels like we will never finish.  Anybody else ever feel like this?

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Re: Wednesday, May 29
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Cheryl, Yes I feel like this ALL the time!  We built a large home ( with a premonition we might need it ;)) and I can tell you that the more house there is, the more there is to fix.  We are doing the same thing you are.  Hubby works on stuff after work most nights. 

In the summers we do mostly outside stuff, like Monday we just finished fixing a vinyl fence and gate that got blown do to storms.  The older boys and I put in a walkway from the driveway to our front door a couple of weeks ago.  We reseeded the front yard (finally) from where the kids rode bikes in the mud last year.  I have grass again!!  We are already splitting firewood for next year, so that takes time, but can do it slowly since it is summer.  We inherited a hot tub from a new business property we bought and are fixing that out in the backyard. We will be using it as a COOL tub this summer.  We started putting in a walkway from the backdoor to the greenhouse and are about halfway done with that.  This weekend will be replacing the outside door frame around a side door and possibly replacing the storm door.  Last week son finished replacing the floor in a storage building and cleaned that out for me.  Thank you to him.  We are also keeping up with a large garden this year.  Then you add in things breaking and needing to be repaired, like riding mowers, weedeaters, push mowers, log splitter, keeping vehicles working, and stuff that goes wrong at any of the rental properties, it can get .......overwhelming!

We are also doing indoor stuff that need to be done, like the other day one of my washing machines was clogged (who knows with what, toys, socks, batteries, could be anything).  Anyway it ended up that it had been leaking under the machines, so son offered to replace the floor for me and he did that.  He also offered to redo living room floor at the same time.  That is no small job!  It is about 500 square feet to floor!  It looked great when he finished though.  Now all walls in house need either repainting or touchup done. 

So yes Cheryl, I understand your feeling like it never gets done completely.  But look at it this way, we are blessed to have husbands that are capable of fixing anything themselves.  I also have several boys now that are quite capable and enjoy doing these sort of things, so most times they just offer to do it.  Can you imagine having to pay to have everything done?  I can't.

We have storms coming.  Need to make sure nothing is out that can blow away.


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Re: Wednesday, May 29
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We are in the same boat as the two of you describe but yet differently. We lived in our large home for 22 years and did a lot of work on that house to make it to our liking. Then we decided to move back to town because we were driving long distances to get to school, work, family and that just was killing our vehicles. So 6 years ago we moved into small house thinking, "downsize, downsize, downsize". The house is almost too small. Ok, so now EVERYTHING in this house needs to be fixed even though when we bought it there didn't seem to be anything that needed attention. Wrong. Everything needed attention. So after a lot of expensive repairs, maybe we can just live for a while. And just so you know we have to hire everything out because most of the things are way to much for a couple to do it on our own. Such things, like electric--both 110 and 220, roofing, window replacement, incorrectly done eaves and soffitts, incorrectly done natural gas line.

Ahh, but we have addressed it all so maybe we can now just live!  Last night my son got his new bed and he sure is a happy guy. He is an adult now and was sleeping on his much too small twin bed so he upgraded to a queen size. Thankfully we didn't have to buy any of his stuff. He bought all of it including his bedsheets himself. So proud of him. But I am washing all his twin stuff and keeping it in case some day I have grandchildren. My daughter is getting married in July and they bought a house so maybe they could use some twin bedding for a spare room.

With all the busyness of the night last night we had a wonderful dinner made in the crockpot. It was an Aldi boneless pork roast with their apple bourbon sauce. It was very good. We roasted the last of the potatoes and had sauteed beans and carrots. It was just what we needed. Aldi has really become my go-to grocery store. It doesn't have everything but with my small family right now it has everything we need in the smaller sizes. 

Tonight I really just have to relax. It has been much too busy for me that I didn't sleep well last night. My brain was in overtime. I will need to make the time to rest. Hubby is not well after about a week of having a bad cold that he finally called the dr. this morning but they have no openings. He decided he needs to get to urgent care. There seems to be a lump way down in his throat that hurts after swallowing so we decided to get it checked out right away today.

Supper tonight will for sure be leftovers from Monday and Tuesday night. I have no money for groceries until Friday so we just have to wait until the weekend to see what we need. Not much, I'm sure. The freezer is still full so we'll keep working on that. I'm thinking turkey salad tomorrow from a deli turkey meat I bought earlier this month. Sounds yummy to me. I only have some cucumbers, carrots and boiled eggs to dress it up but that will work just fine.

Cheryl, my days aren't exactly exciting either but that's ok with me. I try to find something worth exciting each day. Last night was stopping off at my parents house for something they needed me there for and then shortly after I got home they came to my house! They wanted my power washer. I find that exciting because they are old and I don't know how long they will be around so I cherish these times. Dad is 88 this coming Monday and mom is 86.  Dad wanted me to look at his garden, yes, he gardens like he did when I was growing up. I would say half an acre of all veggies. He thinks he is doing it for mom and me and I gladly take what he gives. I fill my freezer every year with enough veggies to last the winter! Carrots, beans, cabbage, tomatoes, corn, squash. Fresh potatoes, grapes, onions, and a whole lot more.

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