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Thursday, May 30
« on: May 30, 2019, 07:22:54 AM »
Good morning!

I started my first load of laundry around 5 am so it would be ready to hang out at daybreak.  I just came in from hanging the second load, and it is hot out already.  I wish I could trade some of this heat for the rain a lot of you are getting.

Talking about our houses again, we knew when we moved into this one it would take a lot of work to fix it up.  But now, 10 years in, I think weíre just growing weary of all it needs.  We get one thing fixed and turn around and start another project.  By the time that project is finished something else needs attention.  That is just life, I know, and Iím grateful for every day. Itís just at times I feel overwhelmed and overburdened and just want to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  I think thatís why weíre feeling such a push to complete all we can as fast as we can.  I canít do all the big jobs that need doing, but while my husband is working his day job I can do my part around here by making our home more enjoyable. Right now the way Iím doing that is to go through every room and purge anything not wanted or needed.  Our house is too small to hold on to clutter.  Iíve learned not to even ask family members if they would like to have something because nine times out of ten they say yes, but not right now, please hold onto it for me and Iíll get it later.  Uh, no.  That defeats the purpose of me purging.  Iíve also had to deal with my mother getting her feelings hurt because of me getting rid of stuff she thought I should keep, such as a hideous lamp (that needs a globe) that once belonged to my grandmother.  Now I just quietly go about my business and donít even tell them Iím doing it.

Well, I need to go feed the chickens and water my plants.  Talk to yíall later!
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Re: Thursday, May 30
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Good morning, Cheryl.

We must be on the same wavelength lately.  One of my kids just read your post and said, "Mom, you were just saying that same thing."  I have the same mentality of let's rush, rush, rush and get it all done so we can play for a while.  Then it is just something else.  I really think it just comes along with the territory of home ownership and that is just the way it is.  Sometimes, I think our renters have the right idea.  They pay us a monthly payment and we go around and fix everything they break and when they get sick of living in the mess they have made, they just move out and we clean it up. :P  Would be nice if it worked that way at our own home.  We just work so hard at it that we end up running ourselves into the ground and then things to work on start piling up again.  Get things done.  More things to do. Burnout. Repeat.  Vicious cycle. :P  I think you are right in getting rid of unwanted stuff too and just not mentioning it.  Most likely they would never notice it was gone anyway.

Got some stuff to get done.  Feeling a little relief it is summer break.  Better get at it.


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Re: Thursday, May 30
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2019, 11:11:01 AM »
Yes, just purge and if asked just say "must be lost somewhere in this mess"! I'm terrible at purging because I think everything has a use but sadly I am wrong. I am learning to let go of things.

When we moved from a large home to this small home, I gave away much more than I should have. I miss some of the things I let go. I've had to re-purchase some things but others are gone forever and I can't say I miss them anymore. My daughter cleaned out her childhood belongings this week and I cringed at some of the things she was willing to give away or toss away. Things we paid good money for! But it is useless to her now and useless to me as well.

And the tow of you are correct that fixing things in the home comes with home ownership.  Sometimes I wonder about that because there seems to be more repairs than there should be.

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