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June 18, 2019
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Hey girls.  Are you still there?  Guess everyone else has been busy too.

We are really enjoying summer, though the last days the temps have felt more like spring again.  Let's see....what is on our agenda for today.  I need to clean out the van from the weekend.  They really did a number on it and it really needs to be taken to the free vacuum place too, but I won't get there today.  Finishing up on the weekends laundry today.  Kids will be helping with house straightening. 

My dad gave us a 4 wheeler this past weekend to ride around the farm, so the older boys spent all Sunday afternoon doing that.  I foresee them doing that most Sunday afternoons for a while.  My dad is also getting ready to upgrade his riding lawnmower, so I am seeing a free John Deere zero turn mower in our near future as well. HA!

I have been spending lots of time on my new business.  Finally got far enough along with it that I now started my own store.  The store address is    if you want to stop by and look around and be one of my first followers!  I am really enjoying this and several of my kids are loving helping me with it.  Pushing super hard to make it grow quickly.  Sorry, I tried to get the address where you could just click on it, but this forum's hyperlink thing isn't working right for me today. 

That is it for me.  I will cram my workout in somewhere today.  I am thinking legs or cardio and core.