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Re: Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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The pizza was because I needed to use up a pineapple. :) I made the dough, loaded it with chicken (firm believer of eating a lot of protein while pregnant), topped it with cheese and pineapple. A little dry, but easy snacking for tomorrow.

Thankfully, no gestational diabetes! Mostly my iron is a little low, and my hematocrit too. My iron pills were making me lightheaded, so I had to stop taking that.

I think it's the lack of consistency that makes the long days so hard for me. Before we moved here, Chris worked 9 hours every week day. I only had Caleb, but I had a routine. It was the same, day in and day out. Now the schedule gets shaken up every couple of months, and I struggle to adjust. In the spring, Chris was gone for a couple hours in the afternoons, a couple hours in the evenings for his class and job. Then he got 1.5 months off before he had his summer class, which was about 4 hours every morning Monday-Thursday. I really liked that, since he would be home in the afternoons and I could nap. ;) Then he got another month off. Now it's Tuesdays and Thursdays that are heavy duty, with him trying to go in a few hours everyday to work on his thesis. He'll finish up his thesis in October, and then his schedule will be looking a lot more free. The yo-yo-ing is just hard on me, as soon as I adjust, I get a new curveball thrown at me.

Logan takes one long nap, or two shorter naps. He's fairly easygoing and doesn't want to be busy all the time. Caleb just stopped napping last month because he was staying up until midnight or so. Caleb is what a lot of people would call a high energy or high spirited child. I keep saying we need a farm so he can have a bunch of chores to do! He's 3, but he has a lot of fine motor skills and wants to do the "harder" stuff. He's not happy with just stirring the food in the bowl, he wants to measure out all the ingredients, do the scooping and pouring and such. VERY hands on. Which means a lot of supervision is needed. :P
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